July 1, 2013

the waiting game.

So far today I've been on hold for 16 minutes with the Welfare Customer Service department.  And I have a suspicious feeling that they're going to tell me to call someone else to get the information I need.

That's the kind of waiting I can handle.  Because I know eventually they have to answer my call. 

Last night I was talking to John about how different things would be if we didn't know exactly when our little nugget is coming.  Waiting around for the 11th at 6:30am isn't really so bad.  I know I have the better part of ten days left to get things done.  Waiting around for my water breaking, contractions, and labor pains that could come anytime before, on, or after the 20th - that's a different story.  I would be an absolute mess of emotions.  Again, I feel like I'm cheating at this whole pregnancy thing. 

I feel like I've had it pretty easy.  Even with her heart defect.  My battle with morning sickness was more of a playground-fight between kindergarten girls.  I've gained a bit of weight, but not too much more than all the websites say you should/can/will - I even have one pair of jeans that will still button.  I feel her kick all.the.time.  And the past couple months I've spent at least two hours a week listening to her heartbeat, so there hasn't been any anxiety about how she's doing in there.  I've seen her cute little face and watched her kick around and practice breathing more than the average mom gets to.  Last week the nurse went through and counted all her fingers and toes for us and pointed out that she was sucking on her bottom lip.  [SO cute!!]  They've also given us a couple looks at her face with the 3D ultrasound, which is equal parts freaky and awesome.  When we go in to the hospital on the 11th and they wheel us into the operating room we're going to have an entire team of doctors and nurses ready and waiting for our girl to make her grand, albeit gory, entrance into the world. 

I really don't think I can complain, or say that pregnancy is miserable.  I'm definitely not the biggest fan of all this - and we're 100% for sure waiting several YEARS before we try all this again - but I can't say I hate it.

That is, of course, until next time when I have to WAIT to have normally scheduled ultrasounds, and WAIT [and pay extra] to see her face on 3D, and WAIT to go into labor, and WAIT [and push] to have a baby.

[Update:  I know you're all dying to know how long it took me to get the one measly ID # from the Welfare office... one hour and three phone calls.]

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