July 21, 2013

day 11.

Happy Sunday!!

I finally fit back into some of my real clothes.  :)  Granted, it was a very stretchy and forgiving skirt, and I wore the belly-binder from the hospital to keep everything tucked in...  Still, I'm totally counting it.  I did finally get around to weighing myself today, too.  It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be.  Babies, and all their extra stuff, are heavy little stinkers!  If I can just get this tummy flab under control, things should be good. 

John and I went with my mom to Sacrament meeting, and then headed out to the hospital to spend some time with Ruthe.

That poor girl was NOT having a very nice time today.  She's back under the jaundice lights, which means the superhero mask is back on, and she hates it!  She tried to scratch it off or push it up or move her head back so it slips off.  Silly girl.  She'll just be blinded by the lights and get even more upset.

She's also started trying to pull out her breathing and feeding tubes.  Our little stinker will get one finger up underneath the tape on her lip and try to pick it off.  You've gotta hand it to her, going for the tape first, instead of just yanking on the tube.  She's pretty clever.  It makes me nervous.

The nurses have had to keep her sedated all day, because every time she starts to come out of it she is just not a happy camper.  I'd be sick of it all, too.  And she's got plenty of time left in there.  At least four weeks of recovery after surgery.  Poor girly.  Maybe she'd calm down if she got to watch movies like the baby next door... except that she'd have to open her eyes for that.

We stayed for a couple hours and then headed home to rest for a while [I needed a nap!] before going back to check on her around 9pm.

She was still under the lights, so we couldn't hold her today.  I really, really hate jaundice!  We didn't stay long, because it was so late, and because she really just needed to rest and not be bothered.  Hopefully her labs come back really good in the morning and we can turn off those dang lights and get our snuggle on!!

Radioactive baby!  Maybe she'll have superpowers after all this...
[I should hang on to that mask.]
They also followed through on increasing her feeds again.  She's up to 16cc's every three hours.  That equals about a half ounce at a time.  So if I can pump at least 4 ounces each day I can keep up with her...  for now.  Getting more breast milk should start to help the jaundice, too.  We're hitting it from all angles!!

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