August 15, 2013

did ya miss me?!

I know, it's been four whole days.  What was I thinking letting the blog go silent for this long??!  So much can happen in four days!  And a lot kind of did...  Let's recap.

[Friday and Saturday were pretty busy for John.  He packed up the moving truck with help from some great friends, and then drove it all the way up to SLC, where he immediately unpacked it with help from some more great friends.]

Sunday was Ruthe's one-month-birthday!  She is such a little cutie.  I just can't get enough of her.  Even when she spits-up all over me and a clean outfit, and fills her diaper right back up two minutes after I change her.  I wish those things happened more often.  Leaving her at the hospital really hurts.  Especially on the days that she's awake when I have to leave.  I'm pretty sure she's going to retaliate as soon as she gets home.  I'm not sure how, but I can see it in her eyes that she's concocting a plan of attack.

After church on Sunday I headed out to the hospital to spend some snuggle time with Ruthe.  My parents and Yiaya came to see her, too.  I love having visitors there.  I know that they only really want to see the baby, but seeing how many people love her just as much as I do really means a lot.  And I know Ruthe can tell when there are other people visiting.  She's always much more alert and fun for other people... and kind of a show-off.  [OK, I was being generous.  I don't really think anyone loves that girl as much as I do.  Maybe John.  Maybe.]

My parents and I celebrated Ruthe's one month birthday by going to eat at Juan's Flaming Fajitas.  It's delicious.  And I recommend it to anyone who likes to see their dinner set on fire.

Bright and early Monday morning, John flew back to Vegas to spend a few more days at home before law school starts.  He told me his flight landed at 7am.  So I was pretty upset that he called at 6:45 telling me he was here and I needed to come get him.  I was still in bed.  Luckily our house is only about 10 minutes from the airport, so he only beat me to passenger pick-up by a few minutes.  We headed to the hospital after that to see Ruthe, who, again, is freaking adorable.

After our visit we headed home to do some "cleaning and packing" because we all know that I'm a mess, and John still needed to take some miscellaneous stuff up with him in his car later this week.  That turned into us taking a three-hour nap.  In separate beds.  Don't worry, we still love each other.  But the A/C wasn't working in our side of the house over the weekend so I moved into my old room for the nights John was away.  And since my pillow was still in there I went to retrieve it and never got back to our bedroom.  John stayed up long enough for my dad and the A/C-guy to see that nothing was wrong anymore [they think we're crazy and it doesn't really start blowing hot air at us in the middle of the night].

I went to lunch with my besties Steph and Nettie and we shopped around for a couple hours.  I got an awesome Star Wars shirt and a really cute hat for Ruthe.  It's impossible to go shopping and not buy her something...

On Tuesday I got a new haircut!!  Well, the cut is the same, but my lovely friend Rachel gave me a little bit of the ombre look.  I love it!  It only took me two years to decide that its something I like enough to do on my own hair.  Maybe next time I won't be such a slow poke to follow a hair-trend.  Think of all the funky hair days I could have avoided!

Wednesday was a nice day.  I went to see Ruthe in the morning.  And then had a bitter-sweet reunion with my DHS theatre family at a memorial service for our Mikey.  It's such a devastating thing when we lose someone too, too soon.  And I'm sorry that this was the first time in seven years that I've seen so many of my friends.  I hope that I can change the way I view all my relationships, and make a better effort to see everyone and reconnect on a regular basis.  [If you're reading this, I love you guys.  More than you think.]

John and I spent the rest of Wednesday just being together.  We'd had a rough week before, getting everything ready for the move, and we really needed to just be together.  It's going to be a hard couple of months with him up at school and Ruthe and I still working on her recovery in Las Vegas.  We're not looking forward to it.  But since this was our plan, and we've had some time to mentally prepare for it, we're hoping it all works out for the best.  We won't say no to any prayers, advice, or words of encouragement though!!

family photo - 8/14/13

John woke up and left for SLC this morning at 6am.  I was partially awake for his endearing goodbye.  It felt a little too much like the mornings he got up super early and left for work.  Except when I woke up I knew that he wouldn't be back tonight to snuggle and kiss me.  We did get to Skype before he went to bed tonight.  It was nice to see his face while we talked about our days.  But I really, really miss him already.


  1. Cute hair!! Sorry john is gone :( Wish I was closer! !

    1. I wish you were closer, too!! Move back to Utah so our baby girls can be BFFs!

  2. Rough! Sorry you have to do distance. I bet that's so hard. That little girl needs to get the heck out of the NICU so you can all live happily ever after in Utah.. Together!

    1. it hasn't been too bad so far... granted its only been three days :P Ruthe is just a stubborn little drama queen, I'm going to have to learn patience with her reeeaaalllll fast.