August 5, 2013

we are parents. [day 26.]

I know, we became parents the minute that second pink line showed up...  or saw her little jelly-bean body at the first ultrasound... or when we heard her heartbeat for the first time...  or the minute we heard her sweet cry...

Take your pick of we-became-parents-when milestones.  I felt them all.  I prefer to consider the day I went home sick from work and collapsed crying into bed because I realized my "flu" was morning sickness and yelled to a very sleepy and confused John "I'm pregnant!!".

But today, we got it on paper.  We now have documented proof that at 6:45am on July 11th, 2013 we became parents.

It's kind of a boring document...  Just blue, with a darker blue border and a raised seal.  All the font is sans-serif.  It has a bar code.  It fell really short of my expectations.  I wanted something with a little bit more design.  Or at least some variation other than bold or italicized.

Birth certificates used to be kind of gorgeous.  Like a diploma - with big, fancy, gothic-style lettering, and hand-written information.  I want one of those birth certificates for my baby...  Something I feel like framing in her bedroom.  This one deserves to be filed away and never looked at again.

Oh well.

We got her social security card in the mail, too.  Now it's going to be a LOT more difficult for John to try and change her name at her baby blessing.   ;)

My computer and my phone are having some communication issues...  so this post is going to be pictureless.  I'm sorry.  If you're seriously jonesin' for a peek at Ruthe, check out my instagram feed... she's taking it by storm!!

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