February 22, 2013

this baby...

Does NOT like it when I eat milk.  Which means that cereal is a difficulty.  Also, oreos.  I sure hope this doesn't last until July.

The nugget also won't let me eat Del Taco.  And that was kind of a main reason I wanted to move back to Las Vegas.

Other than that, we are pretty excited for our FIRST doctor's appointment on Tuesday.  Um, yeah, I said first.  Technically I did see a doctor in Rexburg, but he really just told me that [1] I'm pregnant, and [2] I should try to not eat anything with salmonella.  So I'm not counting it.  Which means that poor little Baby Orr could have three arms or twelve toes.  We'll just find out on Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed for super-powers!!  Haha.

We're also kind of hoping that they'll be able to tell us if Baby Nugget is a boy or girl.  It's getting pretty annoying saying "he" or "she" on accident and then have to explain that we don't actually know yet.  Although, John brought up a good point that once we know we'll have to start a serious discussion about the name.  And judging by the not-so-serious conversations we've had so far... it could get ugly!

John asked me the other night if having a baby means we're grown-ups now.  I laughed at him.  But then I got to thinking.  We are definitely growing up a little faster than we would have without a baby in the near future.  And the universe has decided to throw us a handful of "grow-up already" invitations... including the Baby Nugget, but also that we need to replace my car, and let's not even get into all the things we need to do for law school.  It's completely daunting, but also a little exciting.  For me at least.  John's an Olympic gold-medal worrier.  The mountain before us looks like Everest to him.  But I'm pretty sure there's going to be a chair lift around here somewhere.  :)  So maybe we're not grown-ups now, but it sure will be fun to grow up together.