January 26, 2011


i have a pile of "reasons that John loves me" sitting next to my computer waiting to be recorded.  i also have pictures of our trip to Utah just chillaxin on my phone waiting to be uploaded.  and i have some wedding news  :)

John loves:
- that i name inanimate objects.
- that i'm patient with his cynicism.
- watching me fall asleep on skype.
- the IDEA of having twelve babies with me.
- my awesome dance moves.
- that i love the disney channel.
- that we both love pickles!
- that we both love Jesus! 
- that we both love German pancakes!  [not necessarily in that order, of course.]
- that i have an English degree.
- the way my voice sounds when i'm sleepy.

I love:
- that John will drive through the night so i can sleep during long roadtrips  :)
- listening to John sing along to the radio.
- that John doesn't complain when i burrow my icy-cold toes under his bum to keep them warm!
- talking about our future together.
- planning out all of our pretend honeymoons.
- that he asks for my help on his homework... sometimes  :P
- the way he talks to my dad about politics and sports and manly stuff.
- listening to him recite D&C scripture masteries to help my mom for seminary.
- that he always makes a mess when he eats.
- the way his head kind of tilts to the side when he's reading.
- the way he always kisses me on the cheek when he's leaving.

and now, Utah!
we drove up on Thursday night and had dinner with two of my old roommates and their fellas!!  we probably should have taken a picture.  whoops!

Meagan and her hubby Jordan were nice enough to let us stay with them!  it was a lot easier being able to stay in the same place, instead of two completely different towns like we were planning on doing.  they're the BEST!!

on Friday we got a late start so our first stop was lunch at J Dawgs in Provo.  YUM!

then we went ice-skating at the Peaks Ice Arena.  i love that my feet look small and dainty next to John's!!

he pushed me into the wall right here so i was just a little grumpy.  i have bruises on my arm and knee as proof.

after ice-skating we wandered around the mall for a while.  then we went to Nickel City to meet my friend Brian for some fun!  this is John playing a 360° game.  it was really funny to watch - but you get really disoriented with your face inside the helmet-thing!

we went back to the mall on Saturday.  this is my shake from Iceberg.  John and I eat.  we eat a lot.

that night we drove up to Salt Lake with Tim and Aubri for dinner at The Pie and a walk around Temple Square.  the boys were a little over-excited to see each other.  it had been a long time since they had been together.

and then Tim dropped John on the ground.

oh, and John bought this at an antique store in Cedar City.  he thought it was awesome and HAD TO HAVE IT - and then he left it in my living room.
Utah was so much fun!  we had a blast seeing all our friends and doing fun things in Provo, Orem, and SLC.  we drove home in the middle of the night on Saturday - and would have made it in less that 5 hours if anywhere in Southern Utah believed in 24-hour drive-thrus!

on Sunday we had a meeting with the caterer  :)  they came to the house and we talked about our vision for the wedding and the food that we want to have.  they loved our ideas and really helped us figure out some of the finer details.  John was a little distracted because the AFC game was on in the living room and he really wanted to be watching it - but he was a champ and helped make decisions with me.

i'm so excited for the next couple months and all the planning that we'll get to do!  mostly because it means that the wedding date is that much closer, but also because i just like to party!! haha.  seriously though, i'm excited to share all the love and happiness we'll be feeling that day with all of our friends and family!!

January 14, 2011

"Distance is only an obstacle, hardly a match for a Miracle."

Does everyone know what I am talking about when I say that I hate that choking feeling you get right before you're going to cry........you know, the one that feels like Jabba th Hut is sitting on top of your throat inhibiting you from swallowing or announcing any number of syllables. I've gotten to know that feeling well this week. This whole opposite schedule game Sydney and I play is getting really old. The bonus round where Sydney is staying at a house where the internet connection sucks game has run its course as well. I knew what we were getting ourselves into when we decided to be practical and wait till April to get married, but it feels like jabba the hut fiddled with the clock too ! ! ! ! It just hurts sometimes.  I love Sydney so much and all I ever think about is the next time I get to see her. 

Amidst all my grumbling this week,  I found a silver lining to this lugubrious cloud. The lining being that the pain i feel, the ache, the heart wrenching only confirms to me more than marrying Sydney is the absolute right decision. I think Mother Teresa hit the nail on the head when she said, "I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” I should really just be saying to myself that there are only 85 days left till I don't have to let her out of my sight. 85 days ! Thats half a baseball season ! Thats nothing. I don't have the audacity to label myself a "history buff" but I'd like to think I dabble in American history. I don't know how John and Abagail Adams did it. John Adams was away from Abagail almost half their marriage, so certainly I should be able to hack a couple more months. 

I would do it all over again if I had too, Thank Heaven I dont have to, but I would for Sydney. I do anything for that pretty face(Yep, that face, she knows which one I'm talking about.) 

I think I find the greatest consolation in the fact I grow to love her more every day. 

To quote a song she likes: 
You make me smile like the sun, fall outta bed
Sing like a bird,
Dizzy in my head
Spin like a record,
Crazy on a Sunday night
You make me dance like fool,
Forget how to breathe
Shine like gold,
Buzz like a bee
Just the thought of you can drive me wild
Oh, you make me smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 10, 2011

the gift that keeps on giving.

for my birthday last month, John did the best thing ever!  he made me a HUGE countdown chain of 105 reasons that he loves me.

isn't that sweet?!

anyway - since he did such a great thing for me, i'm going to do a great thing for him.  only i'm a little lazy so i'm going to cheat  :)

i'm going to start trying to post more on this blog.  so much has happened that i haven't documented that i really think we're going to want to remember, and to help me get on here to keep a record i'm going to put up his daily reasons that he loves me [and reasons that i love him!]

here are some of my favorites so far:

- because you sent me the picture of me in snow-boarding goggles for my birthday. 
- because you hate camping!
- because you scratch my back during sacrament meeting.
- because you always talk me out of spending money. 
- because you don't want to get a dog right away.

i love John for all these reasons too... except that one about spending money  :P

anyway - recently we've gotten a lot accomplished for the wedding.  and when i say a lot, i mean i've done some shopping!!

we found dresses for my bridesmaids on super-sale at jcrew, and MY DRESS is hanging in my closet!
my mom and i went to st. george with her friend Teri today and we hit the jackpot for teal/blue mason jars at a creepy antique store.  i just bought a couple pairs of shoes for myself [possibly for the wedding - possibly just because they're super cute], we've almost got the invitations done and ordered, and we're slowly but surely getting things all planned for the backyard reception.

i am just SO excited about all of this.  even though i've been getting a little stressed about things and have been more cranky than usual, i can't help but get caught up in how much fun it is to plan the most important day of our life together!!  [so far!]

January 7, 2011

Lest wE forGet

So for those of you who don't know, my fiance(and wife to be in 92 days) is a genius. She has a degree in English from BYU-Idaho and she can breeze through a novel like Usain Bolt. Furthermore, she isn't half bad at writing. I don't know how she is so good at expressing herself, but she is! If writers were ninjas, she'd be Splinter from the ninja turtles, but cuter, a lot cuter. My favorite part about her is that she could do whatever she wants, which leads me to my point.

Someone once said the most important word in the English language is "remember," and yesterday I think I forgot. I may have forgotten that Sydney is foregoing a lot of opportunity to move back to middle-of-no-where, Idaho with me. She's brilliant, she could go to grad school, get some shazny job somewhere and make millions, but she's decide to forgot all of that and spend the rest of forever with me. The me who has about 5 years of school left. The me who she has to support when I go to law school. I hope she knows how grateful I am for her. I hope I tell her enough, and, more importantly, that I show it enough. I think yesterday, for about ten minutes, I let myself forget how lucky I am. I forgot that she deserves the world, and I have responsibility of giving it to her.  I forgot that she gives me so much while asking for so little in return.

Good thing I caught myself, because I promised myself today that I'm never going to forget the sacrifice she is making to be with me. I'm going to remember that so I can work my hands to the bone to make sure she has the life that she always wanted.

I'm going to remember I don't know how to love anything more than I do her.

And all you better remember that I'm serious when I say, SHE'S A GENIUS !!!!!