January 10, 2011

the gift that keeps on giving.

for my birthday last month, John did the best thing ever!  he made me a HUGE countdown chain of 105 reasons that he loves me.

isn't that sweet?!

anyway - since he did such a great thing for me, i'm going to do a great thing for him.  only i'm a little lazy so i'm going to cheat  :)

i'm going to start trying to post more on this blog.  so much has happened that i haven't documented that i really think we're going to want to remember, and to help me get on here to keep a record i'm going to put up his daily reasons that he loves me [and reasons that i love him!]

here are some of my favorites so far:

- because you sent me the picture of me in snow-boarding goggles for my birthday. 
- because you hate camping!
- because you scratch my back during sacrament meeting.
- because you always talk me out of spending money. 
- because you don't want to get a dog right away.

i love John for all these reasons too... except that one about spending money  :P

anyway - recently we've gotten a lot accomplished for the wedding.  and when i say a lot, i mean i've done some shopping!!

we found dresses for my bridesmaids on super-sale at jcrew, and MY DRESS is hanging in my closet!
my mom and i went to st. george with her friend Teri today and we hit the jackpot for teal/blue mason jars at a creepy antique store.  i just bought a couple pairs of shoes for myself [possibly for the wedding - possibly just because they're super cute], we've almost got the invitations done and ordered, and we're slowly but surely getting things all planned for the backyard reception.

i am just SO excited about all of this.  even though i've been getting a little stressed about things and have been more cranky than usual, i can't help but get caught up in how much fun it is to plan the most important day of our life together!!  [so far!]

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