June 27, 2011

power-tool monday.

Mondays are lame.  But they're made a lot better when I get to use a drill at 11am!!

Have you seen this?

 Too cute, right?  I fell in love with this idea the minute I laid eyes on it.  I knew it would be perfect for John's side of the bed.

If you click the picture above there's an easy 3-step tutorial.  This took me all of fifteen minutes to finish.  And that included finding all the supplies we bought weeks ago!

I don't have anything cute on them yet... I'm hoping to find some manly things that John won't mind having by his bedside.  Seashells and flowers probably wont make the cut, but I'll keep you posted.

Our bedroom is slowly coming together.  It's all pretty mix&match right now, and since we're the only people who are ever in there, it's pretty low on the priority list.  Here are just a few ideas I'm thinking of for the rest of the room:

This chandelier:

Our light fixture right now makes us both pretty sick.  And this is another super easy DIY project.  Would you believe it's made from an old lamp shade and wax paper??

These pillows:

We love to play Scrabble.  And I think a couple of these inspired pillows would be hilariously perfect for our bed.  I'm not the biggest fan of decorative pillows, since they spend half their life on the floor anyway.  But I have realized that we need one or two to make things more interesting.

A vanity - like unto this one:

Our bathroom is smallI mean, teeny tiny.  I risk dunking my head in the toilet every time I flip it over to blow-dry.  And since there's space in our bedroom, I would LOVE to find a sweet little desk to turn into my own personal vanity space.  I've seen some with mosquito-net curtains around them that are to.die.for.

And lastly, a headboard.

I don't have any pictures for this.  I'm really into the painted iron headboards.  I hate footboards, so my goal is to find something cheap at a garage sale or DI/thrift store and spruce it up.  Have you ever noticed on Along Came Polly how she uses two twin-size headboards for her bed?  I love that idea.  So imagine something like that.

As for the walls, I really don't know.  I'm already waaaayy over our nail-holes-per-room maximum - so at this point anything goes. 

*click the pics for links to source webpages.

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