June 17, 2011

i like this idea...

This blog that I read sometimes does this little thing every Friday.  She answers the prompts, and then opens it up for everyone else do answer them and link back up.  It's so fun to read about what other bloggers everywhere are doing.

So here we go, fill in the blank:

The last movie I saw was   Defiance.  John and I are watching it right now, actually.    I want to   watch The Sound of Music.  It's been in my head all day - and not just the songs.  I know that whole movie by heart!    Surprises are   great!  Especially if they're a puppy!!    The best accessory is   nothing.  I'm so over accessorizing.  Unless someone wants to give me a million-dollar gift card to Anthropologie so I can buy all their bags and necklaces.   My favorite warm drink is   hot chocolate, hands down.    My favorite cold drink is   water.  And soda.  And sometimes chocolate milk.   Currently loving   Pinterest and Polyvore and bulldog puppies.  

There you go!  Those are current random facts about me.  Pretty cool, huh?

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