June 9, 2011


Today marks a whopping TWO MONTHS of married life!  We are so impressed with ourselves.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, we took a little trip to Idaho Falls.  And we all know that no trip to IF is complete without a Horkley's and some candy  :)

We headed to the mall for some Muscle Milk [for John, duh.] and got a little side-tracked at PacSun.  They were having a sale.  We left with a couple new shirts.  Each.  One of mine only cost $2.50!   Which sort of balanced out John getting a not-on-sale shirt. 

After PacSun we did a little more browsing, and then headed over to Lenscrafters to try on some frames.  John needs new glasses and I'm trying to convince him that he wants thick frames.  But what we learned is that I NEED some old-school Ray-Ban frames.  Maybe I just learned that by myself...

I also made John go to some furniture stores to look for a desk that I can use as a craft table.  Right now I'm using a folding-table from Target.  Which we just bought today.  I had been using our dining table for my sewing-station, but that was getting a little too messy.

Once all our errands were finished we headed over to the Mongolian Grill for dinner.  So yummy!!



And then - because Idaho is just so happy to have John and I living here and wanted to congratulate us on two happy months -  a fabulous rainbow followed us all the way home to Rexburg!!

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