June 2, 2011

you love us, right?!

I really want a bike.  [I just decided this earlier today.]  I don't know what I'll do with it or where I'll ride it, but I need to have it in my possession.  So I logged on to Urban Outfitters and designed one with pretty colors and a bell. 

I think it looks pretty and spring-time-y and I especially think it will win me lots and lots of friends.

The UO Bike Shop customizer thing is really fun.  And since John has been telling me he should have a bike to ride to school since before we moved here - I thought I'd design one for him too.  [I'm such a nice wifey.]  This is the manly one I made for him.

You can only kind of tell, but his tires and hand-grips and chain are dark blue. 

Needless to say we would look smokin' hott riding down the street on these babies.  So, if you're feeling über generous, you should buy these bikes for us. 

I should probably mention that the last time I had a bike in Rexburg I never ever locked it up, which resulted in it being STOLEN.  [Right here in River City!]  But don't let that deter you from purchasing a brand-spankin' new one for me.  In my defense that bike was awesome and had Miller Lite stickers all over it.  So it probably would have been stolen whether it was locked up or not.

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  1. If anyone takes you up on that offer, ask them for two of each so Jordan and I can ride with you!