September 25, 2015


So, Ruthe and I are spending a few weeks in Las Vegas while John is sooooo busy we'd never see him anyway.  We flew down last week...
This was our worst flight yet!!  Ruthe is now old enough to have her own seat, which translates to her thinking she has free reign of the entire aircraft.  It was also a pretty bumpy ride, and I don't think she liked that.  Thankfully the person sitting next to me was pretty understanding of the "terrible twos" and no one else around us complained loud enough for me to hear!!

Pretty much as soon as we got to my parent's house Ruthe going every. single. dangerous. spot. 
We have since had to move several pieces of furniture, and still follow on her heels wherever she goes because she can open doors now.  My parent's house has several doors (including on the bathrooms!) with the door handles that she can just pull down & it only took about thirty minutes for Ruthe to figure them out!!

We also found some tiny sponge curlers for Ruthe's hair and now I'm OBSESSED!!
She doesn't really love having them in for very long, but it is so worth it when she does!!  For example:
Eeeeeeeepp!  I love the curls!!  It's almost worth the kicking and screaming!  Almost.

In other, non-Ruthe-related news, my glasses broke.

September 5, 2015

for Grandpa Tom...

(John told me how much you miss the blog, so this update is just for you!)

It's been a LOOOOONNNGG time since I posted anything here.  Since then we've been pretty busy and A LOT of things have happened.  School, work, doctors, insurance, play dates, church callings, adventures, you name it - it's happened.

But let's just skip to today.

It's Labor Day weekend, and since last year we spent Labor Day at the zoo I thought it would be nice to check out another of Salt Lake's many family-friendly attractions.

There are quite a few to choose from, but I've recently been watching a lot of Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman, so this morning I decided it would be fun to experience the life of the early settlers and Pioneers at This Is The Place Heritage Park!!  

(about seven years ago my mom made me take a picture kneeling and praying with this statue-family... I thought it was only fair that Ruthe be forced to do the same.)

There are a lot of old buildings at the heritage park that were relocated from their original locations, and some are simply replicas, but they each have interesting stories and give you a peek into life way back when.

Ruthe personally prefers teepees... she also watches a lot of Doctor Quinn and the episodes with Indian attacks are her favorite. Plus, she wears moccasins, too.

A lot of the buildings were closed, or looked to be closed, but the saddle shop was open and Ruthe got to try her hand at hammering decorations into a piece of leather...

(surprisingly she never hit me with the hammer!)

Part of the draw to the heritage park was that they give pony rides for little kids, and I thought Ruthe would just LOVE that.  But there was "a storm rolling in" so they had to put the ponies away before she has the chance to ride one.  (I'm still waiting for the storm to hit, by the way.)  She did get to pet the ponies and a goat, and she almost murdered a baby chick, so that kind of made up for it.

After the animals we stopped into another building that I think was an old halfway house, but I was a little mixed up on the map, so I can't say for sure.  There were bedrooms upstairs with signs on the beds that said "Please stay off the bed" but Ruthe just threw that paper on the ground and climbed right on up anyway.  She's a stinker.

We were starting to get tired of all the history and learning and walking by this point so we headed back home.  Ruthe fell asleep in the car and slept for the 10minute drive but woke up as soon as I unbuckled her car seat and was WIDE AWAKE until just about an hour ago.  She is some kind of machine, I tell you!  She has been on the worst sleeping schedule, which is partially my fault, but I'm also going to blame Tinkerbell for being so interesting to watch and also IKEA for never having the new bed we want for her in stock.

After lunch and some lounging at home we walked over to our neighborhood Target for a few extra groceries we ::coughJOHNcoughcough:: needed for Sunday.  Then it was finally time to give the little stinker a bath and feed her dinner so she's fall asleep...

The tubby is her FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD.  I'm pretty sure I could stick her in there with nothing but a quarter-inch of water and she would just play for days.  It's adorable.  It's also akin to spending every other evening sitting in the splash zone at SeaWorld... 

(today her splashes were so powerful I had to take cover behind the shower curtain... she then, of course, considered it a challenge to splash me and wouldn't stop until my entire left sleeve was soaked through.)

She's a stinker.  The stinkiest stinker there ever was.  

I'll try harder to record some of our crazy adventures for you here on the blog.  But I can't make any promises until Ruthe starts falling asleep before 10pm, like a normal baby!!