March 26, 2011

i love tomorrow.

tomorrow john will drive away from san diego for the very last time.
he will show up on my doorstep around eleven.
this is the second to last time that he'll be doing that before we get MARRIED.

i'm just a little bit excited.

there's still a lot of stuff to do before the wedding. 
and there's a half-finished list around here somewhere.
i should probably find it and get everything else checked off, huh?

March 22, 2011

i just want him for his body.

that was one of the reasons John loves me this week... and i figure it's all good as long as he's ok with it!!  :)
he also loves my guppy face, which is a smooshed up version of the traditional fishy face.
he loves how we sometimes just lock pinkies instead of holding hands.
and pulling my hair.