January 31, 2012

too bored.

Tonight I'm too bored for my own good.  It's a serious epidemic - sweeping the nation, and all that.  But honestly, I need to organize my sewing table so I can get back into those crafty hobbies that I love so much.  Tonight though, I'll just infect you with this case of super-bored-itis that I just can't shake...

I made this the other night.  It was delicious.  I made it with every intention of eating it all by myself.  I got about three bites in.  Even after John came home and I enlisted his help we could barely make a dent.  It's that amazing.  Next time I think I'll add almonds and marshmallows.

We vacuumed the other day.  We vacuum on a regular basis - don't get me wrong.  But this time I'm much more convinced that it worked and there's less dirt on the floor.  So I've been spending a lot of time laying in the middle of the living room.  It's not strange.

I'm hooked on anything and everything related to Mr. Darcy.  It's almost as bad as being bored out of my mind.  I've read three "sequels" to Pride and Prejudice it about as many weeks.  Good thing there are plenty more crazed people out there to supply me with such books.  Seriously, put in a search for book titles with Mr. Darcy or Pemberley.  You'll be surprised.

I've found a new kind of puppy that I want.  It's a sharpug.  Shar Pei + Pug = mine.  I like these smooshy-snuggly-furry ones the best.  His face reminds me of Eeyore.  So sad and pathetic that it's disgustingly adorable.  :)

I've decided that 65% of the people I meet are either preggers or have a brand new adorable little smoochy-faced baby.  We really need to move.  It's just too dangerous here.  I think it's in the water.

I have officially gone an entire MONTH without drinking caffeine.  I would say that I haven't had any soda at all, but I did cheat three times.  Once was John's fault.  The second time I mixed fruit punch with 7Up, so it only kind of counts.  And I just couldn't resist having something fizzy with Taco Bell the other day.  My goal is to go six months, and by then I won't be so addicted anymore and I can have an occasional Pepsi when we go out to eat.

Are you sufficiently bored now??  Good.  I'm going to bed.

January 15, 2012

photo overload.

I went through my phone today and found a bunch of pictures to share.  Mostly I want to post them for the day I [inevitably] destroy this phone and lose everything again.

our Thanksgiving table setting [remember my tablecloth?]

the feast!!

John carved the turkey... it was a MESS.

I made my family's Christmas pj's this year.  They turned out more like potato sacs :/

It SNOWED!!  Once, and that was it.

John had to wear my sunglasses... so sexy, right?!!

Zombie gas station!!

Chocolatey peanut-buttery marshmallowy deliciousness.

Have you seen the Jumbaco commercial??

That's our holiday season in a nutshell.  Although, it hasn't really felt like winter yet this year.  It's only snowed a handful of times, and while the mornings and nights are freezing the days are actually pretty nice.  I just have this sinking feeling that it's not going to last much longer.

January 12, 2012

resolutions schmesolutions.

John and I are failing miserably at our New Year's resolutions.  We should have resolved to take more naps together - because we're totally kicking butt at that one!!  Hopefully we'll get better as the year progresses.  January is just a practice month anyway, right?!

One of my personal resolutions was to be better at keeping a journal.  But since I'm the laziest person on the planet - I decided to do one of these instead:
Design Sponge via Pinterest
 Mine's a lot less adorable.  And unfinished.  I told John to buy me these for Valentine's Day, so I can complete the project to my nerdy specifications:
Anthropologie.com - not available in stores
 Well, not those exact stamps... I found a better/cheaper set on Etsy, but their website is down.  But you get the idea.

We've also decided on what we want to do for our first anniversary in April!  I'm in the process of making one of these to help fund it:
Uncommon Goods via Pinterest
[Paris is not our plan...just the picture.] Hopefully we'll be able to fill it up with spare change and end up paying a lot less out of pocket!  That's pretty much everything I've got on my mind right now.  My toes are freezing, so I think I'll go snuggle with John to warm them up!

January 7, 2012

happy happy joy joy.

Happy New Year!!  I know, I'm a little late.  But John's gone to work and I figured tonight's the best chance I'll have at trying to finish our holiday post.  Bear with me.

I left off after Christmas...  So here's a better break down for ya!  On the 26th [Boxing Day - why we don't celebrate it in America, I have NO idea!] we went to the movies.  I saw Hugo with my mom and some friends.  John saw the new Mission: Impossible movie, by himself.  I think he'd just about had it with girly activities and needed some action and explosions to even things out.  After the movie we had lunch at Cafe Rio [yummm!] and then John and I headed to the mall.

You heard me.  The mall.  On the day after Christmas.  It was PACKED.  But we managed to get John a bunch of clothes he really liked.  I actually did buy some shoes when we first got there, but by the time we were leaving I decided I wanted to return them.  So I did.  And it was really awkward.

Then, on Tuesday, my mother didn't have a birthday.  She refused to acknowledge it.  She did, however, treat ME to a manicure, a gourmet hot-dog, and an eyebrow threading.  We went to see my lovely friend Julia - who is adorably preggo - at her dad's jewelry store so my mom could add some charms to her bracelet.  Which sort of qualifies as a birthday present to herself... so I guess we did celebrate it, after all.  I love spending time with my momma.  And as much as we both complain about it every year, having our birthdays so close to Christmas is really a blessing in disguise since it means we get to spend them together.

I also got to see my bestest friend Stephanie on Tuesday night!  We met down at the Forum Shops and had delicious chocolate treats at Max Brenner.  And then she gave me the world's most amazing boots.  I'm not even exaggerating.  If you were 'the old lady who lives in a shoe' these would be the ones you wanted to make you home in.

On Wednesday we headed back to Idaho.  And it might have been a longer trip then when we drove up in a U-Haul.  Instead of waking up at eight and leaving by nine-thirty, we woke up around ten and left closer to eleven-thirty.  Then we made pit stops in Mesquite for drinks, St. George for In 'n Out, Cedar City to see my grandparents, Fillmore to switch places, Scipio to go to the bathroom, Provo for gas, and Salt Lake to go to the mall.  After eating dinner with John's bff, Garrett, we were finally on the road home.  And then we stopped for a bathroom break in Pocatello.  It took a good FOURTEEN HOURS for us to get home.  We were pooped, to say the least. 

Oh, did I mention that we did all this driving with the seats pushed almost all the way forward?  Yeah.  While we were in SD we bought a new dresser at Ikea that just barely fit inside the backseat of our car.  I'm surprised none of the pieces were cracked, to be honest.  It was jammed in there SO tightly.

Once we were home life went back to normal pretty quickly.  Work, grocery shopping, laundry, and school have once again swallowed us whole.  This semester looks like it's going to be a busy one for John, so I'm going to try and be as helpful and supportive as I can. 

Wish us luck  :)

January 3, 2012

once upon a Christmas...

John and I only took one picture over Christmas.  Unbelievable, right?  You'll be even more upset to know that I'm too lazy [and cozied up and warm inside] to go get the camera out of the car.  Sorry.

But, even without photographic evidence, I think I can convince you that we had a fantastic holiday.  The plan was to leave on Tuesday night [the 20th] right after I got off work at 6pm.  Luckily, I got off work a whopping SIX HOURS EARLY so we were able to leave by two instead!  The drive was grueling.  It always is.  But we got into Vegas at around midnight, went straight to bed, and didn't have to spend all of Wednesday being lazy and recuperating.

Wednesday was spent running errands with my momma and getting things ready for Christmas.  Then on Thursday, I turned TWENTY-FOUR!  That's right.  I'm growing up.  :)  We had breakfast with my mom, did a little bit more preparing for the festivities ahead, and then jumped in the car to go to San Diego.  We stopped in Riverside to see my uncle and little cutie-pie cousins which was great!  Once we got into SD we had dinner with John's family.  The conversations only got mildly heated [haha!] and I had a fabulously chocolatey icecreamy birthday dessert.  I'd say it was a success! 

We spent the night at John's grandma's house and she made us some french toast in the morning.  Then we looked through pictures and talked about everything that's been going on for a while until John and I had to head out for more Christmas visits.  It was a food-filled day, but we got to visit with more friends and family and had a great time!  Although, I could have done without all the traffic on the way home  :(

Saturday I saw my friend Rachel and she gave me a fabulous haircut!  We took out so much dang hair it's impressive that there's anything left! But it looks fabulous, and feels even better [or lighter, at least.]  My mom and I did some more shopping and wrapping and finished getting everything ready for Christmas the next day.  We had some hot chocolate, watched The Christmas Story a hundred times, and snuggled up in our potato sac pj's.  [I made them all a little bit too big.  Ok, maybe a lot too big.  Oops.]  :/

CHRISTMAS!!  It was so fantastic.  I love Christmas.  There's nothing else to say.  Christmas is the best day ever.  Especially when it's warm enough outside to go SWIMMING!  haha.  Yep.  I spent a good hour splashing around in the jacuzzi with some of my little cousins.  They are the craziest, cutest, goofiest munchkins ever.  After all the afternoon festivities had died down we headed out to the other side of town for dinner with my dad's side of the family.  More deliciousness and family and fun.  Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas?!  Because I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! 

After Christmas is fun too  :)  The sales and the leftovers... and the sales... and the leftovers.  I love it all.  I especially love when Anthropologie puts all their sale stuff on an additional 50% off!!  Yep.  You read that right.  Extra.Fifty.Percent.Off.  I scored three tops, two skirts, and a dress.  And they're all amazing.  John got some pretty good deals at the mall, too.  But neither of us could find ANY shoes that we liked.  At least, the stores didn't have them in our sizes.  [Our children are destined to be sasquatches. Poor kids.] 

I think this post is getting too long.  So I'm going to end here, and I'll give you all part two next time!

Maybe I'll even bring in the camera so you can see our Christmas picture!