January 12, 2012

resolutions schmesolutions.

John and I are failing miserably at our New Year's resolutions.  We should have resolved to take more naps together - because we're totally kicking butt at that one!!  Hopefully we'll get better as the year progresses.  January is just a practice month anyway, right?!

One of my personal resolutions was to be better at keeping a journal.  But since I'm the laziest person on the planet - I decided to do one of these instead:
Design Sponge via Pinterest
 Mine's a lot less adorable.  And unfinished.  I told John to buy me these for Valentine's Day, so I can complete the project to my nerdy specifications:
Anthropologie.com - not available in stores
 Well, not those exact stamps... I found a better/cheaper set on Etsy, but their website is down.  But you get the idea.

We've also decided on what we want to do for our first anniversary in April!  I'm in the process of making one of these to help fund it:
Uncommon Goods via Pinterest
[Paris is not our plan...just the picture.] Hopefully we'll be able to fill it up with spare change and end up paying a lot less out of pocket!  That's pretty much everything I've got on my mind right now.  My toes are freezing, so I think I'll go snuggle with John to warm them up!

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