January 15, 2012

photo overload.

I went through my phone today and found a bunch of pictures to share.  Mostly I want to post them for the day I [inevitably] destroy this phone and lose everything again.

our Thanksgiving table setting [remember my tablecloth?]

the feast!!

John carved the turkey... it was a MESS.

I made my family's Christmas pj's this year.  They turned out more like potato sacs :/

It SNOWED!!  Once, and that was it.

John had to wear my sunglasses... so sexy, right?!!

Zombie gas station!!

Chocolatey peanut-buttery marshmallowy deliciousness.

Have you seen the Jumbaco commercial??

That's our holiday season in a nutshell.  Although, it hasn't really felt like winter yet this year.  It's only snowed a handful of times, and while the mornings and nights are freezing the days are actually pretty nice.  I just have this sinking feeling that it's not going to last much longer.

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