February 19, 2015

for my valentine, Clementine!!

I wake up every morning to your crazy little face, and get to spend all day with your funny personality, and then I get to kiss your sweet head goodnight.

Ok, sometimes you wake up crying.

And we spend a lot of days butting heads. (mostly figuratively, but also literally!)

And while I always kiss you goodnight and whisper how much I love you in your tiny little ears, there are definitely days when I think bedtime can't come soon enough!

But then there's Valentine's Day... which has always been a fun day of telling people how much I care about them, but now it means a little more.

February 14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day.  It's a day I never would have noticed on the calendar before I met you, Ruthe.  In fact, the Valentine's Day that I spent pregnant with you, we still didn't know anything about your special heart.  

That was only two years ago.  And WOW!!  Have you changed my life, or what?!

I am head-over-heels, truly, madly, deeply, 100% in absolute LOVE with you, baby!!  You are such a beautiful miracle.  You are strong and brave and inspiring, to say the least.

Someday you will grow up and you'll hear the phrase "born with a broken heart" and I hope and pray that you don't take those words too seriously.  Sure, your heart wasn't perfect, and you have fought incredibly hard to repair what was wrong, but I really want you to focus on your healing heart.  Because that's what you have.  You have a heart that has healed so many times.  It has grown strong and powerful and beautiful, just like you.  

So, Clemmy-baby, someday when you read this - and you think I'm crazy - just make sure that you remember how incredible you are, and that your momma has all the faith in the world that you and your heart are powerful enough to take on the world!! 

I love you so big, sweet darling!!