August 4, 2013

day 25 and a new trick.

Ruthe is a little bit of a stinker!  Last night she let her oxygen-saturation dip a little too low for anyone's comfort and the doctors put her back on the nasal cannula.  It's on a really low setting, as of 10pm it's at 21%, which the nurse said is basically room air.  As long as she keeps her "sats" up for the rest of tonight they should be able to take her back off the extra support.

When John and I stopped by to visit before church this morning I put on her Sunday socks.  :)  I love ruffles on babies.

My parents and Yiaya went over to see her this afternoon.  She slept the entire time.  What a lazy bum!!  [OK, I don't have any room to talk, I was taking a nap myself.]

John and I headed back to the hospital around 8:45, and found Ruthe's new room.  It's a pretty nice blend of both the NICU and the PICU.  Ruthe's in her own little room, so the other babies can't wake her up, or vice versa.  But there are more babies in there, so we're not left alone in the hallway and forgotten about.  [No one ever really forgot about us in the PICU.  I just worried that they might.]

When we got there Ruthe was eating, and I made the mistake of picking her up to snuggle again.  It only took about five minutes before she spit up on me.  :(  I had to promise her I wouldn't disturb her while she's eating anymore... but I'm not sure how that will work once we start trying to nurse.

Anyway, we got her cleaned up and snuggled back down.  I pumped for her [I'm secretly blaming the formula she had today on her spitting up - the hospital ran out of breast milk this morning because I was hoarding it at home.] while John taught her all about cooking meth while they watched Breaking Bad.  Then when it was just about time to head back home I got this video...

Isn't she just the cutest little thing?!