August 29, 2013


That's where I've been living. Lazyville, USA. And there is very little opportunity for blogging in Lazyville. Spare time is mainly spent eating snacks and staring into space.

[[my baby is adorable, and she knows it.]]

I also really hate loading pictures onto my laptop or my parent's computer to post on the blog... I shouldn't have let John take the iMac to Utah with him. :/

[[fashion show!]]

And have I mentioned how much easier it is to type on my phone and let autocorrect do all the hard work, like spelling, for me? And that that's how I was elected the Mayor of Lazyville?

[[putting her hand in her diaper like a pocket, and sportin' a mullet.]]

Anyway, here's a Ruthe update:


The ductus arteriosis, where the stent was placed, is starting to narrow. There is some tissue growing back on the inside of the stent causing a little more pressure and a little less blood flow than the doctors want to see. To fix that, Ruthe is going in for a heart cath today (Thursday the 29th). It's basically an angioplasty. Dr. Galindo will use a balloon to widen that ductus up just a little bit more. They're hoping this will be a one-time thing before her next surgery, but we'll just watch it and see.

[[she loves her swing now!  but she's not too sure about Boris the Hippo...]

Everything else has been going really well for out little nugget. She's breathing well, with just a little bit of oxygen support. She mostly just needs the help when she falls into a deep sleep and her breathing slows down. The upper-GI test they ran to get ready for her g-tube went well. She'll go in for that surgery as soon as they can get her on the schedule. We're hoping for tomorrow! We just want to get everything done so she can recover and come home!! :)

[[her scar is fully-healed and she can suck her thumb!!]]

I know that there are a handful of things I haven't recorded, and I'll kick myself for it later on down the road. This baby girl is the most precious, beautiful, amazing gift that I could ever imagine. She is so much more than we bargained for, in a good way. We love her so much and are beyond happy that she is ours forever.

[[my seven-week-old warrior.]]

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