August 4, 2013

musical babies.

Seeing "Sunrise- NICU" on my missed call list is just about the worst thing ever.  I have a mini-panic attack every time they call.  And they're really bad at leaving messages.  Which I haven't decided if that makes things better or worse.  Because they're also a big fan of putting me on hold.  :/

It wasn't a big deal.  They were just calling to let us know they moved Ruthe.  Again.  [Still not sure why they couldn't leave that info in a message.]

She is now on her fifth hospital "room".  This girl gets around.

When Ruthe was initially admitted to the NICU she was put in bed 2042.  We liked that bed.  We were there for two weeks.

After her surgery they transferred her up to the PICU, bed 5022.  We LOVED the PICU.  She had her own room, and I could sleep over with her.  It was a great five days.

Since she did so well after surgery, and since she was the only baby left in her hallway, they moved her back downstairs to bed 2040 in the NICU.  That was nice.  I liked seeing other people and being able to eavesdrop on the nurses' gossip.  But I always got a little nervous/embarrassed when the other parents would see me put on all the isolation gear.  It made me worry they were thinking my baby's contagious and going to get their precious babies sick.  Ridiculous, I know.

So when they moved Ruthe to the back of that pod, bed 2037, I was relieved.  It was a bigger space, and not very many other parents would be able to look at us like we're wearing hazmat suits.  We also had pretty much total control over the lighting in her little nook.

Now she's in pod 6.  We've never been there before.  I'm a little nervous that we'll get lost trying to find her.  Anyway, here's to hoping bed 2116 is our last stop before home!!

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