August 1, 2013


When babies get transferred into the NICU from another area of the hospital, they're put in "isolation". It's not a bad thing. It's just to help decrease the risk of cross-contaminating any of the other (much more fragile) babies.

It's not even a big deal, Ruthe's in a regular bed and has a regular nurse that monitors her a regular amount, but all of her visitors have to wear a mask, gown, and gloves.

They also run a test for staph-infection. Which I think should be standard for every one all the time - like a flu shot - but what do I know.

Ruthe's still doing great! We'll try feeding her with a bottle again today and see if she does any better. She's pretty sleepy though, all these crying babies here in the NICU are keeping her up all hours of the night. :/

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