August 20, 2013

baby fat.

There is a good kind of fat, and a bad kind. [and I'm not talking about saturated vs. unsaturated... this isn't a health & wellness blog!]

Let's start with the bad kind, and just get it over with. This donut of flubbed around my middle. Bad fat. And also makes it increasingly difficult to wear any of my pre-pregnancy clothes. And since I refuse to keep wearing my maternity wardrobe, I'm stick with the same four shirts I bought for the hospital. Maybe when Ruthe's home I'll start exercising. But for now I'm just going to have to live with my bad fat.

On to the good fat. The delicious, squishy, adorable, good fat that's all over my sweet Baby Nugget. This girl is a fat magnet! She weighed in last night at 8lbs. 10oz.!! And it's all in her wonderfully chubby cheeks. For a baby who didn't eat more than a tablespoon her first three weeks of life, I'd say she's on a roll!! She's also in a size 1 diaper. Which I feel should qualify her to come home. I mean, how hard can it really be to set up her feeding pump myself at home and just bring her in for speech therapy to work on bottle-feeding?! Really. I'd kind of like to know.

Anyway, there you have it. Good fat = a deliciously chubby baby. Bad fat = a sadly frumpy momma.

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  1. You're now in a club that has lots of lovely members. Welcome.