August 17, 2013

for your viewing pleasure. [day 38.]

Ruthe had quite the day today!

She is back down to 21% oxygen (that's basically the same as room air, but it's still got a bit of pressure behind it to make sure she breathes it all in.). They measure the pressure in liters, she's at 2 right now. Hopefully in the next day or so they'll turn her down to one.  And as long as she keeps up with the breathing they can slowly wean her completely off the support.  That's just one step closer to going home!!  [I feel like I say that about something else every other day... but the are a LOT of steps before going home.  I promise I'm not just leading you all on.]

My brother Ryan came to visit Ruthe today, and hold her for the first time.  She looks sooo tiny in his arms... but it's a pretty big difference between her 20+ inches and his 6foot8!!

Now that John's in Utah, we're trying to come up with the best way for him to still get to see Ruthe on a daily basis.  Sending pictures is nice, and super easy for me.  Same with videos, except Ruthe's not always cooperative and generally falls asleep as soon as I start recording.  I also really like both of those options because then I have the pics or videos to keep and share.  Like this nice long video of my mom talking to Ruthe about how she spit-up and I was so mean for cleaning it all out of her mouth.

[Ugh.  My laptop hates me...]

click here for the video.

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