August 29, 2013

surgery numero dos.

Today's cath goes down in the medical record books as a "surgical procedure". In my head it was on the same level as a CT scan - no biggie - but it turns out it was a little more serious. She was put under general anesthesia and intubated again. Poor baby. :(

The doctor put two catheters into her heart and used them to get an accurate reading of the pressure in her ductus arteriosis. He told me before the procedure that sometimes the echocardiograms show an incorrect value, since its only measuring the blood-flow and then estimating the pressure. It turns out that the pressure in Ruthe's stent is normal. (Thank heavens!) There is a little but if narrowing, but it's not from tissue building up on the inside. Dr. Galindo wasn't sure whether to widen that up with an angioplasty or not, so he consulted with the other interventionalist doctor. They both decided that since the pressure is normal they could just leave her alone for now. If anything changes though, they'll know what to do. I'm not sure if that decision is giving me peace of mind, or a panic attack. I suppose only time will tell. ;)

Honestly, the hardest part of today wasn't waiting for her procedure to be over like last time. It was watching her struggle to wake up and then get so aggravated and worked-up because she was intubated. I'm sure her whole body was uncomfortable. She was cold, hungry, and probably still really fuzzy from the anesthesia. And to top it all off, the breathing tube makes it so she can't make any noise when she cries.

I absolutely HATED walking out of her room tonight. :( Her little face was so sad and I know the only thing she wanted was for me to pick her up and hold her close all night. And instead I left her all alone. My sweet, beautiful, warrior of a baby is probably going to have some serious abandonment issues. :(

At least she can still have her bink... that always calms her down.

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