February 10, 2012

mug shot.

Why won't they let you smile for a passport photo??


John looks like he held-up a gas station. 
And I look like I just got busted for drugs.

But at least it's not as bad as my last passport photo...  thank heaven for name changes.  :)

Now we're one step closer to our honeymoon-iversary cruise!! Any donations?  We accept all major credit cards.

February 4, 2012


There are about eighty-seven other things I should be doing right now.  Instead, I'm snuggled on the couch watching Phineas and Ferb and surfing Pinterest for more craft projects to start and then never finish.

I tried working out last night and now my butt is sore.  That's pathetic, isn't it?  And probably more than you wanted to know.  But John and I are planning to go on a cruise for our honeymoon-iversary and I don't want to be self-conscious of anything other than my Idaho-induced transparent skin.  So I downloaded a demo version of some exercise games and finally tried them out.  I discovered that Zumba and I are not meant for each other... [[I mean, stepping and punching and kicking and turning and shakin' my booty all at the same time?  Let's just say things got a little ugly.]]  But the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game looks promising.  Or, the dance moves seemed a lot easier for my rhythm-challenged body to figure out.  And it has jump rope.  I can totally jump rope, no problem.

It still counts as exercise if I stay in my pajamas and barely move a foot away from my couch, right?!