March 26, 2015

adventures in Target.

It's no secret that I love Target.  And being up in Salt Lake has not changed that - it may have even increased my love for Target because the Walmart here is so (so!) crazy all the time.  It may also have to do with the parking... Target just always has great parking lots...

ANYWAY - Ruthe and I visit Target at least once per week.  It's where we get our household essentialy things & random groceries when we don't want to drive all the way to the "white people Smith's".  (I have some major prejudices about not being able to understand or be understood by anyone in the entire store.)

But this week we've been to Target THREE TIMES.  Normally I would be really excited about that.  I would call it a successful week.  But no.  The first time was for John's birthday present & to try and trick Ruthe into taking an earlier nap.  We wandered through the store for about an hour, looking at rugs and pricing fancy blenders. At some point Ruthe took off one of her shoes & hid it underneath the cart cover. Panic! Those are expensive shoes, baby girl!! Anyway, I found it and we went home.  

The next time I was trying to keep her awake & feed her while I picked up some random things we forgot a few days earlier. Again, wandering through the store for about an hour & she loses her shoe again. Ugh! Ok, she probably just hid it underneath her cover. NOPE!! Aaaah! But it was waiting there for us in home decor.

So we check the basket for all our purchases and belongings and head home. Wait - big problem - somewhere between finding the shoe and packing up the car we lost her binky!! WHAT?! I wouldn't be so worried if it hadn't been her FAVORITE giraffe-guy that I had just sewn a new pacifier on to, to prolong his life. So when we got home I called Target to see if the cashier had maybe found it (I was pretty confident Ruthe dropped it while I was paying.) but no. So we puttered around, did something else, and I called again a few hours later. Still no luck. Oh well, I thought, she's getting a little to old for these anyway - one down, nine to go.

Until this morning. We had to run some more errands around town & Target would be on our way home so I called again And good thing, too!  They found Geoff!! YAY! So at lunch I made a quick list of the three things we needed at Target. Three things. How long could that take? We rescued Geoff from the lost & found first thing and Ruthe was SO EXCITED that she couldn't even contain herself. I had no choice but to go grab a travel pack of wipies to give the bink a spit-bath so she could hold him. Four things. By the time we got to the granola bars she had dropped him twice and taken off one shoe. Then, while I searched for John's protein drinks I remembered we were out of milk & cereal. Six things. Now Ruthe was barefoot & I was trying to hide Geoff in my back pocket because I accidentally ran over him with the cart. When I remembered the crock-pot liners she just lost it. So Geoff got another bath, I put her shoes back on, stuck her headband on like a ninja's, and went to pay. Everything and everyone was present and accounted for. Shoes/headband/bink were promptly removed from the baby and placed in a bag. When we got to the car she didn't want to sit down.

 It was right about this time that the nice checkout boy came jogging over to my car asking if I'd left this behind. The bag with the wipes and Easter cards (one of our original three items.)!

I am officially taking a hiatus from shopping. That's a lie, I'm just not taking the baby with me anymore. Well, ok, I'll bring her, but she's going naked.

March 4, 2015

four eyes.

On Monday, the 23rd, we got Ruthe her very own pair of glasses!!  About two weeks before she had an appointment with an eye doctor to check out her crazy cross-eyed problems...

He told us she is suuuuuperrr far-sighted and needs to be in glasses ALL.THE.TIME.

I've always wanted a baby that wears glasses - it's just the cutest thing.  Every time I'd see a baby in glasses I would immediately think that baby is adorable!!

The trickiest thing is keeping the glasses on her face.  Don't get me wrong - she loves them!!  Whenever we put them on her she smiles and looks all around and is just so happy to be able to see more clearly!!  Buuuut she's a baby, and she doesn't love to keep them on all the time.  She especially doesn't like them when she's moving around or in the car.

She does, however, like the way they taste!!

February 19, 2015

for my valentine, Clementine!!

I wake up every morning to your crazy little face, and get to spend all day with your funny personality, and then I get to kiss your sweet head goodnight.

Ok, sometimes you wake up crying.

And we spend a lot of days butting heads. (mostly figuratively, but also literally!)

And while I always kiss you goodnight and whisper how much I love you in your tiny little ears, there are definitely days when I think bedtime can't come soon enough!

But then there's Valentine's Day... which has always been a fun day of telling people how much I care about them, but now it means a little more.

February 14th is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day.  It's a day I never would have noticed on the calendar before I met you, Ruthe.  In fact, the Valentine's Day that I spent pregnant with you, we still didn't know anything about your special heart.  

That was only two years ago.  And WOW!!  Have you changed my life, or what?!

I am head-over-heels, truly, madly, deeply, 100% in absolute LOVE with you, baby!!  You are such a beautiful miracle.  You are strong and brave and inspiring, to say the least.

Someday you will grow up and you'll hear the phrase "born with a broken heart" and I hope and pray that you don't take those words too seriously.  Sure, your heart wasn't perfect, and you have fought incredibly hard to repair what was wrong, but I really want you to focus on your healing heart.  Because that's what you have.  You have a heart that has healed so many times.  It has grown strong and powerful and beautiful, just like you.  

So, Clemmy-baby, someday when you read this - and you think I'm crazy - just make sure that you remember how incredible you are, and that your momma has all the faith in the world that you and your heart are powerful enough to take on the world!! 

I love you so big, sweet darling!!

January 29, 2015

blogs are for people with real-life organizational skills.

I have two "drafts" of blog posts sitting on my computer waiting to be finished.  One is from our Thanksgiving trip to San Diego, and the other is from Ruthe's cleft palate repair.

To summarize those two things:

We had such a great time in San Diego!!  We got to see a lot of John's family and Ruthe was finally able to meet her Meemaw and little cousin Novalee!  It was a wonderful visit, and too too short, like those holiday visits usually are.  Someday we'll be able to spend nice long days at the beach and play with family and friends for as long as we want to!!

Ruthe's cleft palate surgery was a success!!  I'm not going to say it was "great" because it was actually very miserable - for both of us!  Her surgery was quick and perfect with absolutely zero complications, but afterward there was no room for us on the pediatric floor, so we had to spend HOURS and HOURS sitting in the awful recovery area.  The nurses were so nice, and tried their best to make us comfortable, but it just wasn't going to happen on a plastic chair.  And poor Ruthe was so drugged up and miserable, you could tell all she needed was a quiet dark room to sleep.  Eventually they found a space for us upstairs and we settled in for the night.  Ruthe's at-home recovery went really well!!  After about three days we just gave up on the arm restraints though.  They were terrible, and Ruthe really wasn't in the mood to put things in her mouth anyway!

[[ok, now we can fast forward!]]

Now that everything is said and done she is just blowing us away with her skills!!  She has started SWALLOWING ACTUAL FOOD!  It's still only about the equivalent of a large grape every few days, but she would spend all day taking tiny sips of water if we had that kind of patience.

And she is growing!  I know it doesn't seem like it on paper - she's only gained about a pound since her surgery -- but she is quickly turning into a toddler, and I am not a fan.  Although her hair has started growing and getting darker, so that's fun!!  She can pull herself up to stand, scoot her little bum anywhere she wants to go, and almost - almost! - crawl!!  It's pretty dang adorable!  But, oh!  I want it to stop!  I want need her to stay tiny and dependent on me forever!!

 Last week we saw her cardiologist and pediatrician and they were both really pleased with how well she's doing!!  I LOVE appointments like that!  She weighs 23lbs and is about 31inches tall!  She made a nice little jump on her growth chart that looks really impressive compared to that plateau she was on for the past six months.

In other news, we are FINALLY MOVING TO UTAH!!!  Yes!  Can you believe it?!  It only took us eighteen months to make the leap!  It's going to be so hard leaving my parents and our leisurely lifestyle, but it is hands-down 100% the best thing.  It would have been the best thing to do in January, but I'm half-blind & can't drive, which kind of puts a damper on taking Ruthe to doctor's appointments and therapy sessions.  So we're planning to move in March and we are SO excited!!  Terrified, but excited!

I will TRY to keep the blog updated with Ruthe's many accomplishments from now on, but I've said that before and it always ends up being a lie.

November 9, 2014

oh my.

Today I have zero pictures of Ruthe to post.  Do you want to know why?  Because she is CRAY-CRAY!!!!

To be fair, we did sleep in pretty late, which throws off her feeds and completely chases away whatever glimpse of a real nap we might have seen.  

And I may have accidentally, unintentionally, poured about 40mLs of Pediasure all over us, AFTER we were fully-dressed and ready for church.

But still.  What happened to the sweet baby that slept all the way through church??  Who is this little crazy person that barely laid down for an hour before bolting right back up to terrorize the dog??  And why - WHYYY - won't she fall asleep now, at 11pm??!

I'll tell you why.  It's because she's my daughter, and she thinks she's the boss.

She's right, though.

That's why I'm going to go rescue her from the crib and let her sleep in the center of the bed with her foot in my face.



In Ruthe's defense, putting her in Halloween/skeleton pajamas probably confused her, which must be why she spent 30 minutes practicing for a screaming contest tonight.

But it finally wore her out, and now she looks like a perfect angel.

October 31, 2014

happy hallORRween!!

The cutest little piggy ever!!

As you can see - she's pretty dang excited about the candy!  Too bad she doesn't know how to eat it. 


October 26, 2014

my little pumpkin.

This week was quite the adventure for Ruthe and I!  My parents went on a week-long trip to Boston and Vermont and left us ALL ALONE in Las Vegas.

I know what you're thinking.  Why didn't we just go to Salt Lake to visit John?  Well, two reasons: one, Ruthe had an appointment to get some vaccinations that she was VERY overdue for; and two, we had to take care of the dog.  Reason number two is not really a good reason, because the dog technically belongs to my brother, who is perfectly capable of coming over to feed and water Elvis.  But Ruthe was about six months late getting these vaccinations, and her pediatrician's office is busy busy (with all us Medicaid patients!), so I could risk ditching the appointment and having to wait another six months. 

So we stayed at home and went to the doctor and ran errands and forgot to water the plants and watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang seventeen times and went to Target and rolled around on the floor and all sorts of fun things.

INCLUDING going The Great Pumpkin Parrot Festival yesterday!!  It's a real thing.  There's a nature sanctuary here that has all kinds of parrots and fancy birds and chickens and goats and LLAMAS and geese and pigs...  And they had a fun Halloween festival with crafts and pumpkins and our friend Teri dressed up as a witch for story time!!

Ruthe was a little taken-aback by all the birds.  And all the crazy kids probably didn't help either!  But she loved the story time and even did a little dance afterwards!!

((you can watch the video here:

She is getting so big and crazy these days!  She has even figured out how to sit up in her own!!  It's funny - she has to wedge her feet underneath something to get enough leverage for a sit-up.  Weird kid.

Tomorrow I am taking her in for her third heart catheterization.  I have a problem considering it a "surgery" even though it technically is one.  I don't know why, I think I just don't like putting it in the same category as her open-heart surgeries...  

Anyway, here's a funny picture of her in the bathtub.