March 4, 2015

four eyes.

On Monday, the 23rd, we got Ruthe her very own pair of glasses!!  About two weeks before she had an appointment with an eye doctor to check out her crazy cross-eyed problems...

He told us she is suuuuuperrr far-sighted and needs to be in glasses ALL.THE.TIME.

I've always wanted a baby that wears glasses - it's just the cutest thing.  Every time I'd see a baby in glasses I would immediately think that baby is adorable!!

The trickiest thing is keeping the glasses on her face.  Don't get me wrong - she loves them!!  Whenever we put them on her she smiles and looks all around and is just so happy to be able to see more clearly!!  Buuuut she's a baby, and she doesn't love to keep them on all the time.  She especially doesn't like them when she's moving around or in the car.

She does, however, like the way they taste!!

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