November 9, 2014

oh my.

Today I have zero pictures of Ruthe to post.  Do you want to know why?  Because she is CRAY-CRAY!!!!

To be fair, we did sleep in pretty late, which throws off her feeds and completely chases away whatever glimpse of a real nap we might have seen.  

And I may have accidentally, unintentionally, poured about 40mLs of Pediasure all over us, AFTER we were fully-dressed and ready for church.

But still.  What happened to the sweet baby that slept all the way through church??  Who is this little crazy person that barely laid down for an hour before bolting right back up to terrorize the dog??  And why - WHYYY - won't she fall asleep now, at 11pm??!

I'll tell you why.  It's because she's my daughter, and she thinks she's the boss.

She's right, though.

That's why I'm going to go rescue her from the crib and let her sleep in the center of the bed with her foot in my face.



In Ruthe's defense, putting her in Halloween/skeleton pajamas probably confused her, which must be why she spent 30 minutes practicing for a screaming contest tonight.

But it finally wore her out, and now she looks like a perfect angel.