September 25, 2015


So, Ruthe and I are spending a few weeks in Las Vegas while John is sooooo busy we'd never see him anyway.  We flew down last week...
This was our worst flight yet!!  Ruthe is now old enough to have her own seat, which translates to her thinking she has free reign of the entire aircraft.  It was also a pretty bumpy ride, and I don't think she liked that.  Thankfully the person sitting next to me was pretty understanding of the "terrible twos" and no one else around us complained loud enough for me to hear!!

Pretty much as soon as we got to my parent's house Ruthe going every. single. dangerous. spot. 
We have since had to move several pieces of furniture, and still follow on her heels wherever she goes because she can open doors now.  My parent's house has several doors (including on the bathrooms!) with the door handles that she can just pull down & it only took about thirty minutes for Ruthe to figure them out!!

We also found some tiny sponge curlers for Ruthe's hair and now I'm OBSESSED!!
She doesn't really love having them in for very long, but it is so worth it when she does!!  For example:
Eeeeeeeepp!  I love the curls!!  It's almost worth the kicking and screaming!  Almost.

In other, non-Ruthe-related news, my glasses broke.

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