July 31, 2013

blessings from heaven.

Prayers have been anwered.  Honestly, that's the only explanation I can come up with when I think how on earth our sweet baby girl has come so far so fast!!

So, thank-you.  To everyone who included Ruthe in your prayers, or sent a good thought her way, or just smiled when you saw her picture plastered all over Facebook.  Thank-you!  Thank-you!!  THANK-YOU!!!

Today Ruthe's doctors decided that she's well enough to move back down to the NICU.  The only thing she has left to do before coming home is learning how to eat on her own.  The nurses and staff in the NICU are a little more practiced at getting babies to eat, so that's where we'll be until she comes home.

We are SO proud of our little nugget!  She has rocked this recovery like a champ!  I never expected for this to seem like it could all be over too soon... but I'm not complaining that it could go that way.  Even if it takes her another month to figure out the whole sucking/breathing/swallowing combo, I'll be impressed.  But with all the prayers and good vibes headed in her direction I don't see this stretching out for too much longer.  :)

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