July 12, 2013

twenty-four hours.

I can't even believe its already been an entire day since we had our sweet girl! This time yesterday I was still pregnant and could feel her jabbing me in the ribs for the last few times. And now I can watch her stretch her long legs and arms, which explains a lot. Baby Ruthe was jus too big to stay in that cramped space!

She loves having her legs draped over the little nest they've built for her and pretty much always has at least one arm stuck out to the side. Obviously she's really liking all her newfound space and independence! We're going to have our hands full with this one!!

I feel so gross and stinky! I really want to get out of this gown and into some of my own pj's... Preferably without the catheter and IV lines sticking out, too. And if I could take some kind of shower, that'd just be amazing!! We'll see how the morning goes, I guess.

I'm also so dang hungry!! Some pancakes or a waffle sounds delicious. I forgot to pack any snacks for myself or John, so I'm sure he's starvin'-marvin' too!

I'll try to post more pictures of Ruthe today, all over Facebook and Instagram at least! She'll probably be a little mad about the tube in her throat, so they'll mostly be of all her funny grouchy faces!

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