July 24, 2013

days 13 and 14.

I had a post about Tuesday and Wednesday halfway finished on my phone. And then I fell asleep and it disappeared. :(

Tuesday was a pretty boring day. I went to visit Ruthe, the nurse said her jaundice numbers went way down so they'd probably be able to take the lights off her after the next blood test came back. I did a little research on feeding a baby with a cleft palate while Ruthe held my hand and napped, and then I left and bought some shoes for five dollars.

When John and I went back that evening, things weren't going so well. Remember how Ruthe tried to pick off the tape holding her breathing tube in? Well, her slobber seemed to have loosened it up even more and when the nurse repositioned her last night the tube came out a little bit. With all Ruthe's excessive slobbering, she started to have trouble breathing and so the nurse called in the respiratory therapist and the NICU doctor, who had to put in a fresh tube. Luckily, our awesome friends Brian and Alisha came by with dessert, so we were conveniently distracted in the family lounge instead of watching our sweet baby be tortured.

She was off the jaundice lights, so we could get some better pictures. And then Alisha showed us up with her fancy camera and her professional photographer skills. We just love the shots she got of our sweet baby girl!!

 Wednesday was a really good day. The occupational therapist came by the help me "kangaroo" hold Ruthe. That's my favorite time of the day. She's so snugly, and I love to feel her soft baby skin against mine.

John and I went back Wednesday night, like every other night, and got to hold her some more. We just love all that time alone with our little baby nugget. She is everything our hearts could have hoped for in a baby!

I know I'm probably forgetting a lot of the little details about this past week, and I regret not having finished this post on time already. :( I know Ruthe is bound to have so many questions about why all her baby pictures were taken in the hospital, and I REALLY want to be able to tell her every tiny detail of her story. She is such a strong little girl. I am just in awe of all that she's been able to deal with in only two short weeks of life.

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