July 12, 2013

day 2.

Has it really already been an entire day since my little baby arrived?! I can't believe it!

John and I didn't have the best night's sleep yesterday. He was freezing cold, I was sweating like a pig. He had to sleep on a fold-out chair, my entire body was itchy from the morphine. And at about 3ish my IV pump started beeping SO LOUD because one of the meds ran out. It only took me twenty minutes to figure out there's a volume control, but we had to call the nurse anyway to come turn it off. And the nurses come in every couple hours anyway and turn on the light, so I'd be surprised if John got any real sleep at all.

He, at least, got to take a shower this morning. I still have a bandage on my stomach, but I should be able to take it off by tonight and THEN I can be clean again!! I actually don't mind being smelly as much as not being able to wear a bra or my own shirt because the IV is still in my wrist.

[UPDATE: I am officially tube-free! No more IV or catheter. Which also means I'm wearing real clothes!! Such a good feeling!]

We got to go down and see Ruthe this morning. The lid on her isolette was down, which concerned us for a minute, but the nurse thought it was probably just to keep all the noise from bugging Ruthe. She also have a very vocal neighbor. And by vocal, I mean a total cry-baby. Ruthe does NOT like it when that girl starts crying.

We spent a little time with Ruthe, and then headed back up to my room to rest and so John and my mom could trade-off custody of me. While they were both here I was on the phone with Medicaid adding Ruthe and when they asked for her middle name I told them Clementine because John wasn't objecting. So I totally won the middle name battle.

They did a CT scan of her heart today, to get a better (and 3D) look at everything. It took about an hour and a half from start to finish and they gave her some anesthesia to keep her calm and still through the whole thing. We won't know exactly what the plan is until all the doctors have seen this scan and the most recent echo, but we should have an official game-plan by Tuesday!

John went home to take a nice comfy nap in our bed and pick up a few things he thought of last night. My mom and I filled out the birth certificate form, I took a nap, and then we went back down to see Ruthe for a little while because we thought she might have woken up a little more. She didn't. In fact, she's been asleep practically all day. But I did get to change her diaper and take her temperature, so I feel a little bit more like her mom and less like a visitor down there.

Speaking of visitors, we have had so many wonderful friends and family come see us and keep us company! Thank you all so much! Laying in a hospital bed gets old really fast! And as much as we love our sweet Ruthe, we just can't be right by her all day or we might go insane! Having friends here is really the best medicine. For all of us! Ruthe loves to be shown off - she knows she's a big deal and loves meeting people. [Especially when those people are friendly and not needle-wielding doctors!]

John and I just got back from a midnight visit to Ruthe. We tried to visit earlier, but she was having a tough time breathing so they said we could come back later for her "touch time". I changed her diaper again and the nurses ran a couple more tests. All the stress from the scan today caused her to depend on the ventilator more than they really wanted to see, but she was looking better even after just a few more hours of rest.

I got to take the bandage off my incision today! It hurt like HECK trying to pull off all the sticky tape off those sensitive areas, but now that its gone I feel a lot more like a normal person and less like a bandaged mummy. I still wear this fancy belly-binder to keep all my flab from jiggling around, but it's just Velcro so I'll be able to take a shower in the morning and I am SO EXCITED!

A BIG thanks to Steph for getting our first ever family picture!!

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