July 8, 2013


Today I have a to-do list.  It's probably going to take me more than this week to get through it, but I have to get as much as possible done before Thursday morning.

  [1] sort baby clothes, pack or wash depending on size/destination
  [2] disassemble and paint baby's crib
  [3] have laptop wiped clean, and possibly updated $$
  [4] get travel-size toiletries for hospital
  [5] buy a new, nice smelling lotion for hospital
  [6] send Nettie's b-day present (two weeks late, I'm a bad friend.)
  [7] print, sign, and fax papers for John's scholarship and financial aid
  [8] clean our room, sort and pack/donate clothes
  [9] pack a hospital bag for myself and a little for John and Nugget
[10] prepare ALL important documents to take to hospital
[11] make a list of family and friends to text when Baby Nugget arrives!
[12] finish the pregnancy smash book
[13] take BFF belly pic with Julia and her non-existent baby bump
[14] get rid of this massive cold sore so I don't look like a zombie in Nugget's first pictures
[15] charge and pack cameras, even though we'll just end up using our phones
[16] finalize a birth announcement
[18] eat lots of delicious food before Mama H makes us all go on a diet

There.  I think that just about covers it.

Ready. Set. Go!

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  1. Three days, huh? I wish I was three days away from having a baby. It's seriously so exciting!