July 18, 2013

day 8. [my sweet nugget]

Ruthe is kind of a big deal around here.  We're all completely smitten with her.  And today she hit a milestone...

Who told this girl she could start getting older?!  She needs to stay my tiny brand new itty bitty baby nugget for at least five years.  Then we'll talk.

She was extra boring today.  Although, she was wide-awake when I got to the hospital.  I really wish she didn't have to be on that stinkin' respirator so I could hear her make all her little baby noises.  And her cry.  I think the saddest part of this entire ordeal has been watching her get mad and start trying to cry - but no sound comes out, so she just tries even harder!

Sometimes you can hear her make weird half-noises.  It's kind of like exhaling so hard a sound comes out.  That's pretty much all we get.  :(  You can kind of hear her a couple times in this video.  [Let's hope it loads for you!]  [[and please ignore my silly baby voice]]

 The NICU doctor told me they were going to increase the amount of her feedings today, and keep her off the jaundice lights.  I don't know if she ever really followed through on the feeding thing though, because she was still getting the same amount at noon.

Ruthe had visits from both of my grandmas this morning, and she slept through everything!  She's so rude.  Someone needs to teach this girl some manners!!

I put this hat on Ruthe right before I left this afternoon, and it was off when we came back tonight.  I don't think the nurses realize how adorable she is as a ladybug...

There's a fly in my house... buzzing around my keyboard and bowl of ice cream.  I just thought you needed to know that.

Anyway, the nurse from last night told me that if I wore a button-up shirt tonight I could kangaroo-hold Ruthe.  It's when you hold them upright against your bare chest so they can feel you, smell you, and hear your heartbeat.  So I spent the extra two minutes before we left the house to iron a shirt.  Pretty much as soon as we got there the nurse asked if I was ready to hold Ruthe.  I love this nurse - she just gets right to it.

I thought holding Ruthe last night was awesome.  It doesn't even come close to how I felt today.  I absolutely LOVED being able to feel her warm little body against mine.  I didn't even mind her knees digging into my stomach or all the drool.  I could kiss her sweet head and feel her little heartbeat and stroke her tiny back and rub her sweet bum.  It was perfect.  Just absolutely perfect.

John got another turn while I pumped, but he didn't wear a button-up shirt, so he just snuggled her.

He's not very good at taking selfies...

When I came back they were both like this...  I love it!  Although, he'll have to learn how to stay awake once she's home and there's not a nurse on stand-by.  ;)

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