July 21, 2013

do you like my hat?

The nurses put this hat on Ruthe the day she was born.

Later, someone added a little bow onto it.  It was pretty cute.  I don't have a picture of Ruthe wearing it, oddly enough it's the only thing I can't find a picture of.  But I'd seen the look they were going for on Pinterest, and knew I could do better.  All I needed was to swipe another hat.

Well, today I had my chance!  As we were leaving I snuck into the drawer under Ruthe's bed [I really don't have to sneak - it's just full of diapers] and grabbed the old hat.

The old hat.

John had already taken the new hat off Ruthe's head, so when I went to kiss her goodbye I just snatched it right up and slipped it into my bag.  I'm such a sneaky thief!

When I got home, I got on Pinterest and looked up the how-to for the "hospital bow hat" to double-check that I remembered how to do it.  All you need is scissors.  It's the best kind of craft.  This is where I found the instructions.  Don't give me any credit for this adorable version of the boring uni-sex hospital hats.  I'm not this clever.

bigger bow = better hat

Here is my finished product.  It took me all of two minutes.  I'll add a picture of Ruthe wearing it tomorrow!

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