July 25, 2013

day 15.

Two weeks old!! Can you believe that?! Because I sure can't. Ruthe is just the absolute greatest baby in the universe. [You know, besides not knowing how to grow a heart the right way.] She just amazes me every single day with how strong and brave she is. I'm sure all the doctors and nurses and all the poking and prodding are so scary for a tiny little baby, but she handles all of it like a little champion. Except for that stupid thermometer in her armpit - she totally hates that.

Today, all the nerves and stress started to sink in. My baby is having open-heart surgery tomorrow. My BABY is having OPEN-HEART surgery TOMORROW!!! Babies should not have to have open-heart surgery. Their mommas shouldn't have to think about a knife cutting through their sweet, soft, newborn skin. Babies should just be snuggled all day every day for the first ten years of their life.

I thought I would be a lot more of a mess today. But Ruthe is such a little champion, she doesn't ever make me feel like I should be worried about her being able to handle this surgery. And, luckily, my mom and I had some things to do to keep me and my brain occupied.

After leaving the hospital, around twelve-thirty, we went to my dad's office so my mom could sign some papers. Everyone there loves my dad, and by extension, they love Ruthe. She has so many people sending good thoughts and prayers her way - it's just the best feeling. We get that pretty much wherever we go. It seems as though the entire world has teamed-up to make sure our little girl is going to be OK. I really can't thank anyone enough... I'm going to spend the rest of my life feeling grateful, and that is a great feeling.

I had a doctor appointment to check my incision, and make sure it's healing we'll, at three in Green Valley, so my mom and I went to lunch at Pei Wei. Every neighborhood should have a Pei Wei... It's the best. Those restaurants should dot the earth like McDonald's.

My appointment went great. My incision is healing exactly how it's supposed to. Nt that any of you really care about whether I'm going to have a scar or not. But I want to have a written record that the doctor told me, to my face, that it would be barely noticeable. Because I feel like they said the same thing about my appendix scar.

After the doctor, we headed home so I could take a little nap before heading back to the hospital with John. Naps are my favorite part of the day.

My parents came with us to the hospital, so they could see her once more before surgery. And our home teacher came, so he and John could give Ruthe a blessing. I've said it before, but I am so grateful that John holds the Priesthood and he can use it to give our sweet baby blessings of health, strength, and comfort.

We got to hold her again. For the last time in a while. After surgery she'll have an arterial line and a chest tube, and neither of those are things I want to have to worry about. It's sad to think that I have to wait again to snuggle her little body, but I know it's for the best and I can just hold her hand and kiss her chubby cheeks in the meantime.

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