July 20, 2013

days 9 and 10.

See that?! ^ ^ ^ Ruthe is so boring I can't even come up with a daily post anymore!! Best.Thing.Ever.

The flash-floods last night totally bummed me out, since the roads were too bad to get to the hospital. Today, we planned ahead and are probably going to be trapped INSIDE the hospital until the rain stops and the roads drain out. No complaints tonight. I'll sleep on the hard, cold, germy tile floor if I have to. ;)

This is how my exhausted husband fell asleep last night... that maroon pillow is where my head belongs.  And yes, we are sleeping on flannel snowflake sheets with a down comforter.  Just because it's a hundred degrees outside all night doesn't mean I don't still get cold.

Yesterday, while I was holding my sweet girl, my mom and I decided that she needed some accessories to make her look less like a boy [read: less like Tyler].  So we stuck this ADORABLE homemade headband on her.  She pretty much hated it.  But I loved it.  She's the cutest baby in the world.  [Sorry to all my friends who just had babies... yours are all pretty cute, too.]

 Anyway, Ruthe is doing soooo well. They increased her feeds again [saying it like that makes her sound like a prize pig...] so now she's getting 12cc's of breast milk every three hours. It's not much when you think about it - less than two-and-a-half teaspoons. But she has a teeny tiny tummy, and she does absolutely nothing to burn the calories. Homegirl can't even cry them out. She's gonna be so chunky by the time we bring her home! I love chunky babies!!!

My mom and Teri brought me out to see Ruthe this morning, and she got her very first signed book!! Teri just came back from a librarian party/book symposium and had the author of the Clementine books sign one for our own little Clementine! :)  I can't wait to read it to her.  We're actually thinking we'll record John reading it out loud to play to her while he's gone, so she can still hear his voice.

She's going to be a chunky bookworm.  It's all I've ever hoped for in a baby!!  :D

My mom and Teri have also decided that Ruthe is going to be weird like me and hold her pens/pencils/crayons/markers "wrong".   I use basically my entire hand to hold a pen, not just my thumb and first two fingers like the rest of the world.  I don't understand holding a pen the "normal" way.  It hurts.  Here is a close-up of her hand, which made them think she inherited my "awesomeness".

 This morning the doctor told me they'll probably go up on Ruthe's feedings again tomorrow.  And for that much food they'll put it on a pump, instead of just letting gravity do its job.  The nurse tonight actually put one of her 12cc feedings on a pump over 30 minutes, and I thought it was so much better!  I feel like sending that down to her tiny little tummy all at once must have been hard for Ruthe to handle.  She wasn't fussy at all during this feeding. 

She was also being snuggled my my mom, which probably helped the non-fussiness.   

 Grandmas  [I mean] Auntie Heathers are the best!!

 The nurse put Ruthe in a little snap-up t-shirt and hat and socks to help her stay warm while we were all holding her.  She looks pretty cute in clothes.  But I still prefer my babies naked!

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