July 10, 2013



In less than twenty-four hours I will officially have a baby daughter.  I may be starting to freak out, just a little bit.

She woke me up super early again today and wouldn't let me fall back asleep, so from 3 to 7 I just sort of wandered around and played solitaire on my phone.  I think tomorrow will be a lot like that, too.  With less wandering and more drugs.

I now have a revised to-do list.  I've removed everything that I can't possibly get done before the Nugget gets here.

  [1] send Nettie's b-day present.
  [2] pack hospital bag for myself, Nugget, and John.

I think I can handle this one!  :)

I realize that I don't necessarily need to pack anything for the baby.  But I just really, really love all her sweet little baby clothes and I want some of them there just in case they let me dress her.  [And also, if she's miraculously healthy and I can bring her straight home, I'd hate for her to be naked.]

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  1. Aww! yay! So fun, super excited for you, i know you'll be so busy with your little one but i would die if you stopped blogging...please keep it coming!