July 6, 2013


You guys are killin' me with that middle name quiz.  The correct answer is CLEMENTINE!  John seems to think that just because Charlotte is winning that it has to be her name.  He's wrong.

And I know, I know,  Clementine is a strange name.  But people, I'm strange.  Don't you all know that?  Haha.  Really though, it sounds the best with the rest of her name... which I've decided we're not revealing on the internet until she's here.  Just imagine a one-syllable "R" first name, and any randomly generated middle name, and then Orr.  It just doesn't work.  Her name has to be Clementine.

She even likes it best.  I think...  I'm still not sure if kicking me in the ribs means "YAY! I love it!" or "What? No! Are you freaking crazy?!"  She's a tricky little Nugget to figure out.

Anyway, aside from the Great Naming War of 2013, we are still just puttering away, counting the days until our little Nugget arrives.  FIVE.  Makes me kind of nervous.  Enough that I don't ever really want to wake up in the morning because it means we're that much closer when I go back to sleep.  Except I still have a mile-long list of things to do before Thursday.  So, today, my plan is to re-organize all the baby clothes, pack what I'm 99% sure we won't need, and finally wash the rest of it.  I need to start sorting and packing my own clothes, too.  For some reason I keep forgetting that we'll be moving as soon as we can, and that John has to move in August.  We're not packed at all.  Besides the storage unit... which I guess doesn't really count.  Unfortunately.

I've been trying to figure out this whole "birth plan" thing that's sweeping the nation.  It seems pretty interesting, and to make it easy for lazy-bums like me they even have birth plan generators.  The first half of them are all about labor and delivery methods.  Which I don't technically need.  My plan for going into labor consists of getting into the hospital ASAP and having a c-section.  Other than that, we'll stick with the scheduled one at 6:30am on the 11th.

But there are so many decisions about after delivery, for the baby, that make me feel like I need to write down at least most of my opinions to go over with my doctor before the big day.  We know she'll need a lot of tests and scans and evaluations done pretty much right away.  And I'm really just going to let the doctors do whatever they need to as far as that goes.  What I'm starting to really think about are all the things they do on healthy babies... like when to cut the cord, and the Hep B and vitamin K shots.  I feel like I still get an opinion on those things.  [I get an opinion on everything, I know, but these are relatively easy decisions I can comfortably wrap my head around now.  Her heart procedures and all that goes with that are going to take a LOT more professional input.]  Sometimes I get nervous that my doctor will laugh at me for worrying about these things when we have much bigger issues to get through, but then I remember that everyone gets to worry about these things and just because I have those bigger issues doesn't mean I should skimp on the little ones.

Well, I'm sure there's plenty more I wanted to document today, but right now Baby Nugget is having a party, so I'm going to go float around in the pool.  She can't kick so hard in there.  [And I'll try to get a little bit of color on my skin before I start spending all daylight hours at the hospital.]

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