July 19, 2013

flash flood nevada.

Las Vegas gets some pretty bad flash floods. It only happens once or twice a year, but when it does its crazy. Once, when I was little, our pool overflowed. That was kinda funny. Until the water came up to the back door and I had a panic attack thinking it was another biblical-level flood and I was going to die. Nightmares for weeks.

Since then I've always hated thunderstorms. Mostly because they wake me up at night and give me those stinkin' nightmares, but today it's reached a whole new level.

I can't go see my baby.

John and I left the house when it was still fairly clear. There were clouds down over the Strip, and it was REALLY windy, but there wasn't any rain until we got down the road a couple miles. And then it felt like it just all came down right at once! By the time we'd gone a few more blocks and turned down the road that leads to the hospital it was a mess. There was water everywhere, filling the gutters and outside lanes, and it was coming down so hard you could hardly see anything. We made the hard decision to turn around. It was either go home and talk to Ruthe's nurse on the phone to check on her, or probably get the car stuck in a flooded intersection. :(

I really hated turning around, and I'm probably going to stay at the hospital all day tomorrow to make up for it. I just feel so bad knowing my baby girl is laying in a bed all by herself all night. Even if she does sleep 98% of the time.

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