July 10, 2013


With only two days left before we have a baby and our whole world changes, we were kind of expecting things to be nice and uneventful.

We really need to stop expecting anything at all, ever.

I woke up sooooo early Tuesday morning.  John's alarm went off at 5, but he was already in the shower so I had to roll out of bed and waddle over to his dresser to turn it off.  Then I went back to bed, fully expecting to go back to sleep, but Nugget had other plans.  Apparently, from five to eight-thirty is the perfect time for exercising when you're a full-term baby trapped inside the womb.  So I was awake when John left for work, I was awake when my dad left for work, and I was awake when my mom left for work.

That's when we saw it.  My mom was leaving and I was locking the door behind her when she said, "Did you know you have a flat tire?"

No.  No, I did not.

 I guess I drove over a nail at some point on Monday and my tire was not a good sport about it.  John and I did notice a little {!} light come on, but it's still a new car so we didn't know exactly what it meant.  We've since checked the manual and found that it means low tire pressure.

Luckily, I had pretty much nothing to do all morning.  Then, when my dad and John came home around 11 they filled the tire up with air and John drove it down to a Discount Tire [where they patch tires for FREEEEE!!]

Then, since it was going to take longer than John could be gone from work, I had to get in his nasty gross bug truck and go pick him up.  It really is the nastiest car I think I've ever been in.  It just feels like you're sitting in a gross old fly-swatter. 

After that exciting adventure, my mom came home from work and we went out to the Temple to get in one last visit before I never have time anymore.  It was really nice, I'm glad we went.  I was contemplating playing sick all day yesterday so I could just lay in bed, but it was good to be there instead.

My mom and I also decided to do our Visiting Teaching, since I'll never have time to again [in this ward, at least] after Thursday.  We didn't read the lesson, so it was really just visiting and no teaching.  But we did bring them some delicious bread from Great Harvest as a treat.  [This stuff is good, if you can get to a GH you need to at least go and sample the Berry Cheesecake Roll.  But I promise you - if you sample it you're going to have to buy at least two loaves.]

We didn't get home from all our errands until about 5:30, but it was SO FREAKING HOT all day that I decided I needed to go swimming.  Our pool has been so nice this year, not only because I'm so fat and miserable pregnant in the Vegas summer, but because we got some cool solar pads that keep the water right around 85*.  It's warm enough that you can just walk straight into the water, but cool enough that you're still saved from the heat!

Finally, I made John go to Walmart with me for some random last-minute things [even though I forgot like four other things so I have to go back] and then we had Bahama Buck's sno cones!!!  I absolutely LOVE sno cones.  I've really missed the Rexburg Sno Shack this year, since it was conveniently located on my way home from work, and I made sure I ALWAYS had a dollar in my car.  Bahama Buck's isn't as cheap as the Sno Shack, but their ice is aaahhh-mazing.  It's so fine, it really is like eating snow.  AND you get a color-changing spoon to eat it with!  I haven't seen one of those since they came in cereal boxes.  Seriously, I'm easily impressed.  But I think I'll be a pretty regular customer over there for the rest of the summer.

I still haven't completed much of anything on my to-do list.  And, really, at this point I'm just not going to worry about it.  I will eventually finish packing my hospital bag and charge all our electronic devices.  But that's probably as far as it will go.

I may still be in denial that I'm going to have a baby in just over 24 hours...

Oh, and we did eventually pick my car up from the tire shop.  And it really was free.  They just handed me the keys and a receipt and sent me on my way.  I didn't even have a chance to ask them about new tires for John's car.  Darn.

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