January 7, 2012

happy happy joy joy.

Happy New Year!!  I know, I'm a little late.  But John's gone to work and I figured tonight's the best chance I'll have at trying to finish our holiday post.  Bear with me.

I left off after Christmas...  So here's a better break down for ya!  On the 26th [Boxing Day - why we don't celebrate it in America, I have NO idea!] we went to the movies.  I saw Hugo with my mom and some friends.  John saw the new Mission: Impossible movie, by himself.  I think he'd just about had it with girly activities and needed some action and explosions to even things out.  After the movie we had lunch at Cafe Rio [yummm!] and then John and I headed to the mall.

You heard me.  The mall.  On the day after Christmas.  It was PACKED.  But we managed to get John a bunch of clothes he really liked.  I actually did buy some shoes when we first got there, but by the time we were leaving I decided I wanted to return them.  So I did.  And it was really awkward.

Then, on Tuesday, my mother didn't have a birthday.  She refused to acknowledge it.  She did, however, treat ME to a manicure, a gourmet hot-dog, and an eyebrow threading.  We went to see my lovely friend Julia - who is adorably preggo - at her dad's jewelry store so my mom could add some charms to her bracelet.  Which sort of qualifies as a birthday present to herself... so I guess we did celebrate it, after all.  I love spending time with my momma.  And as much as we both complain about it every year, having our birthdays so close to Christmas is really a blessing in disguise since it means we get to spend them together.

I also got to see my bestest friend Stephanie on Tuesday night!  We met down at the Forum Shops and had delicious chocolate treats at Max Brenner.  And then she gave me the world's most amazing boots.  I'm not even exaggerating.  If you were 'the old lady who lives in a shoe' these would be the ones you wanted to make you home in.

On Wednesday we headed back to Idaho.  And it might have been a longer trip then when we drove up in a U-Haul.  Instead of waking up at eight and leaving by nine-thirty, we woke up around ten and left closer to eleven-thirty.  Then we made pit stops in Mesquite for drinks, St. George for In 'n Out, Cedar City to see my grandparents, Fillmore to switch places, Scipio to go to the bathroom, Provo for gas, and Salt Lake to go to the mall.  After eating dinner with John's bff, Garrett, we were finally on the road home.  And then we stopped for a bathroom break in Pocatello.  It took a good FOURTEEN HOURS for us to get home.  We were pooped, to say the least. 

Oh, did I mention that we did all this driving with the seats pushed almost all the way forward?  Yeah.  While we were in SD we bought a new dresser at Ikea that just barely fit inside the backseat of our car.  I'm surprised none of the pieces were cracked, to be honest.  It was jammed in there SO tightly.

Once we were home life went back to normal pretty quickly.  Work, grocery shopping, laundry, and school have once again swallowed us whole.  This semester looks like it's going to be a busy one for John, so I'm going to try and be as helpful and supportive as I can. 

Wish us luck  :)

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