June 7, 2011

honest is the very best policy.

I don't have a job. 

But I like to sew things. 

I made this tote bag today.

 The lighting is funky in my apartment.  So the colors look weird here.  It's plain canvas with hot pink stripes on the pocket, back side, and straps.

please ignore the un-made bed.

Do you think it's cute?

Would you buy it?

Would your friends buy it?

Would you buy it for your friends?

I need to know.

I'd really like to start selling things on Etsy and/or at the Farmer's Market here in Rexburg.  But I'm a teensy-bit nervous that nobody will like what I make.  The tote bags are fun and really big.  They can be customized with all sorts of things...  different patterns, funky-fabric linings, buttons, monograms, phrases... the options are only limited to my artistic skills.

I also want to start making cute little half-aprons, but I need to stock-up on fancy fabrics first.

This isn't going to be my whole life's work.  I just think it would be fun to do on the side.  I'm not expecting to support myself and John by selling crafts on the internet. 

Anyway, please let me know what you think.  And be honest.


  1. I really like that bag. It is super cute. How much are you going to charge?

  2. CUTE!! I would buy it... but I have too many bags already!! :(

  3. I like it! I don't know how the farmers market is in Rexburg, but in Boise it would sell easily!! Good luck!

  4. Do it! I would buy one, it would be perfect for a Sunday bag to put my binder and everything in! And I love aprons, I would buy that too! haha