June 20, 2011

i hate mondays.

Mondays are my absolute least favorite days, ever.  They always stink.  And today was really no different.

John and I both had a rough time falling asleep last night, which could have contributed to our funky moods, but I'll just keep blaming it on the fact that it was Monday.

I did NOT want to wake up.  My back's been hurting a lot lately, and sleeping is pretty much the only way to make it stop.  [Although the doctor today said I could drink soda with pain-killers to boost their power!  So we'll definitely be trying that.]  But we had important things to do, so when John got home from school he made me a bubble-bath which is pretty much the nicest thing e.v.e.r.

My car's been acting funky.  Leaking things.  Over-heating.  Needing an oil change.  So we made an appointment to have it looked at.  Turns out it was in pretty bad shape and needs to have some things replaced inside the engine.  I love it when they tell me they have to completely dismantle my car to fix one or two little thingiemaboppers.

Then we headed over to the printing shop to have our thank-you cards printed [finally].  I know, I'm like a month late getting them out already... sorry.

Then we had to go grocery shopping.  Which is another one of my least favorite things, but John has to eat.  And we all know how cranky I get without sugar in my bloodstream.  It wasn't too bad today because we're going to Utah on Friday and I don't have to cook anything for the whole weekend!!

The last errand we had to go on was a doctor's appointment to have them look at my back.  They gave me some exercises to do in the hopes that strengthening the muscles will take any stress off my spine and reduce the pain.  Let's hope it works!!

Finally we got home, John went off to the gym, and I made some delicious hamburgers.  We [and when I say we, I mean John] broke our Griddler last week  :(

see how the left side isn't connected?

I'm pretty sure this will only affect the panini-press function, so I'm not very upset.  But it did make me nervous that maybe the grease wouldn't drain into the weird little grease-catcher thing.  Oh well, I'm sure it's fine!

John practically fell asleep at the table.  I guess waking up at 6:30 will do that to you...  So he's already in bed.  Now I think I'll finish watching Shrek Forever After and then go rearrange our Netflix queue.

I hope your Monday was more interesting than ours.

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