June 26, 2011

a weekend of whoopsies.

I made this little zippered pouch. 

Isn't it cute?  It's just plain canvas with a blue zipper, the perfect size for all the random little things that I can NEVER find at the bottom of my purse.

Just one problem...

I put the zipper on upsidedown/backwards/inside-out.  I don't know what the right way to say it is.  Just wrong.

John was teaching me some wrestling moves. 

Not like that! 

The weird highschool-boys-in-leotards kind of wrestling.  And this happened:

Um... yeah.  I totally won, btw.

We had to rent a car to drive down to Provo [because mine's in the shop and John's has no A/C].  The Enterprise in Rexburg didn't have any cars.  BOTH of the Enterprises in Idaho Falls didn't have any cars either.  Apparantly, someone had returned a car to the one in IF, but forgot to put the key in the drop-box.  So, not out fault.  But still - whoopsies.

We went to an open house for my friend Mikalyn's wedding.  The host had these in his backyard:

I might have accidentally told John that he could have one someday.  I really should think before I speak...

So... that was our weekend.  How was yours?

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