June 27, 2013

I love electricity.

There is a very specific reason that I was sent to this earth during this point in history... air-conditioning.

I wouldn't have made it a week into the summer during any pre-A/C time period. At least not in Las Vegas. I suppose I did, technically, survive two Rexburg summers without it... but we still had two fans and a swamp cooler. Not to mention it's a solid 15 degrees cooler there, minimum.

Our power went out for around 4 hours tonight. But we live on a well, so no power also means no water. Making it pretty difficult for this giant preggo belly to be any sort of comfortable in the stagnant 95 degree air. I mean, it would have been kind of fabulous if I could have just relaxed in a candlelit bath, eating all the popsicles and ice cream before they melted. Instead, I think I sweated off three pounds of water weight and killed the batteries in four flashlights.

Oh, but I did get to eat a bunch of popsicles... Baby Nugget is currently punishing me for that sugar rush.

Let's get back to no power = no water, and consequently, no flushing of the toilets. Yep. Nine months pregnant. A million glasses of water per day. Too many popsicles to count. No flushes. As soon as the lights came back on that was the FIRST thing I did. (There are other people in this house I have to be considerate toward.)

And thankfully we won't all have to "shower" in the pool tomorrow morning. That's never a good start to the day.

I suppose I would just like to express my appreciation for electricity, air-conditioning, popsicles, and indoor plumbing. You never know what you've got 'till it's gone.

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