June 20, 2013

husbandless, bugs, and the diaper bag.

John has been in California since Tuesday.  His little brother Timmy graduated high school, so he left his big, fat, preggo wife in the scorching desert heat and headed to the perfect climate of San Diego.  Rude. 

My dad went out of town, too.  So my mom and I were husbandless for a couple days.  It was a fun time.  Or, it could have been... we didn't do a whole lot.  We were really just excited that we didn't have to watch hockey or basketball for 24-hours!!

And on Wednesday I found a BUG inside the house.  We think the dog "killed" it and brought it inside as a prize.  But when I went to pick it up it started to crawl around!!!  Groooosssssssssssss!!!  So I caught it in a cup and saved it for everyone to see.  :)

My phone hates me a little bit, or I would also post the video I took.  We decided that it's a centipede.  But I didn't count the legs, so I can't be too sure.

Since John took my car to SD, I was stranded at home all day Wednesday with  "nothing" to do.  So, instead of cleaning or doing laundry, or figuring out how to install the baby's car seat,  I decided it was about time to make my diaper bag.  The pattern I bought has been sitting in a bag full of fabric and hardware for months.  I kept meaning to get it started, but there was always something else to do, or a nap to take.  But I really can't put anything off any longer, so the diaper bag was Wednesday's project.  And it took ALL of Wednesday.  Twelve straight hours of ironing, cutting, ironing, sewing, ironing, sewing, and more ironing.  It's probably the most impressive thing I've ever made...

[[handles and shoulder strap, front view, inside pockets, back view]]

I used iron-on vinyl on the lining fabric.  I'm hoping it will make spills a little easier to clean out.  You know, for the rare occasion I even think to clean it out!  But I'm wondering if there should be more interior pockets... like for a bottle/sippy-cup.  It's a little late now, I guess.  But in case I ever decide to spend another twelve hours on a re-do.

Today I started cutting out all the pieces for Baby Nugget's quilt.  It's gonna be a doozy!  Hopefully I can finish it before she gets here.  Only twenty-one more days!!  [yikes!]

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