June 17, 2013

Father's Day.

So, my dad's birthday is June 7th... and Father's Day is always just around the corner.  In recent years, he has followed in mine and my mother's example, demanding a "Birthday Week" [because one day just isn't enough!]  This year he decided to extend his personal holiday the entire ten days between his actual b-day and the nationally recognized day for fathers.  I can't say I blame him.  They're already so close, it would be silly to take a break from celebrating in the middle, just to start right back up again.

apparently my butt has always been gigantic.

My dad has had a mustache for my entire life.  And aside from pictures of him as a small child, I have never seen his upper lip.  I'm only about 46% sure it's even still there.
BYU-I graduation - 2010

wedding - 2011 [we almost got a smile there!!]

I like my dad.  I think I'll keep him around.  Especially because I think he's going to be SUCH  a cute grandpa!  The little Nugget is so lucky to have him.

This Father's Day was extra special, because I got to celebrate John, too!  Well, I gave him a card.  John is going to be the best dad.  It's been so hard planning out the next several months of our life [having a baby, law school, moving to Utah, the baby's surgery...] but John has been wonderful.  He's really going to sacrifice a lot, leaving me and the baby here while he starts school.  I know it will be incredibly hard for him to be sitting in our empty apartment, just studying, while Nugget and I struggle through who-knows-what to get her healthy enough to join him.  But I'm sure she'll miss him just as much, and start eating like a champ as soon as we give her a bottle.  I mean, she is my daughter, after all, and if there's one thing I'm good at it's eating!!

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