May 25, 2011

what you've all been waiting for...

The dresser!!  It's finally finished!  And I just LOVE it.  I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out!

While John and I were in Utah, I dragged... drug... forced him into Anthropologie to look at drawer knobs.  And we hit the jackpot!  They had all the ones I'd found online and started coveting.  I was so happy.  I probably stood there for twenty minutes trying to pick out the most perfect knob of each design.

Here they are:

They're a little blurry - because I took the pictures with my phone.  But aren't they all so perfect?!!

And here's what the dresser looks like now:

Well, basically.  I switched the top two knobs for the ones on the bottom drawer - it helps with the awkward tiny-drawer dimensions.

I officially LOVE this dresser now.  I'm so glad I decided to bring it up to Idaho with us and so SO glad we painted it that nice dark grey color.  It made such a difference in our mix&match living room furniture.  Things are actually starting to look like they belong  :)

Now - if I could only motivate myself to finish filling the bookshelves the whole room might look a little bit more presentable!

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